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Show off your hard work in the gym with a little help from our bum shaping leggings. Designed to hug your curves and transform the look of your glutes – why not show off all you’ve been working for. View our range of bum sculpting leggings below. Unleash your peach. 

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What Are Bum Sculpting Leggings Anyway?

It doesn’t matter how you hit the gym, bum sculpting leggings are an essential piece of kit. They hug your body like tights but offer way more support, compression and definition with ruching. Put simply: they’re a revolution in gym wear.

Have you ever noticed somebody in the gym who seems to have impossible glutes? There’s a good chance they’re wearing bum shaping leggings. These incredible garments accentuate all your curves, bringing your feminine shape out to the max!

Even more incredibly, though, they never sacrifice on the comfort factor. They feel great even when you’re working hard in spin class or pushing out reps on the leg press.

How Do Bum Sculpting Leggings Actually Work?

Bum sculpting leggings are a little different from the conventional variety. They work using a special blend of fabrics, knitted together in a particular way to provide maximum butt-lifting action with detail between the checeks. The material pushes on your skin, giving you totally new lines and curves that you’ll love. With these garments, you’ll have mountains of confidence for your next workout.

Why Buy Bum Shaping Leggings From House Of Peach?

Are you looking for bum sculpting leggings? If so, there’s no better place to get them than House of Peach. Not only do we offer a massive selection, but we also offer first-class postage across the UK, letting you get your items quicker.

We send all parcels via recorded delivery for added peace of mind. And we provide you with depot-to-door tracking information. Find out more about our delivery services here.

If you ever need to update your order, we make it simple. Just give us a call and we’ll happily discuss any issues related to your purchase.

Bum Sculpting Leggings With A Difference

Buying bum shaping leggings can totally change your life. We believe that firmly. You gain confidence and even feel more equipped to hit the gym.

Our leggings offer a variety of features for creating the best version of you.

Ombre Range

If you need a little extra shaping power, check out our Ombre range. These leggings are brighter around the butt, helping to accentuate it while slimming your legs. And the best bit? They’re made of the same durable bum-sculpting fabric we use on the rest of the range.


If you want to work out without worrying about cellulite, be sure to check out our anti-cellulite range of bum sculpting leggings. These incredible garments help to smooth out any ripples on the back of your legs or bum, providing you with confidence levels you’ve never experienced before.

The material is similar to the rest of the range, except that it provides a little extra thickness and support to give you perfectly smooth skin. It’s available in a range of colours too! You couldn’t ask for more.

Light Shades

With us, you can get bum shapping leggings in a range of light and pastel colours. Check out our Luscious Lilac, Looking Mint Green, Peachy Pink and Sunshine Yellow lines.

The Advantages Of Bum Sculpting Leggings

Bum shaping leggings don’t just change your wardrobe – they change your life. These nifty garments provide you with the oomph you need to power through those gruelling workouts and create the best version of yourself possible.

Suitable For Squatting

Do you love hitting the squat rack? So do our body sculpting leggings. They stretch in all the right places and offer fabulous fatigue resistance, helping you avoid any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

More Comfort

Our bum shaping leggings are popular because they’re comfortable. They’re just tight enough to contour to your body but loose enough to give you the freedom to move how you like.

What’s more, they’re made of a breathable fabric that wicks sweat right off your body. No more embarrassing sweat patches!

High Waisted

Low-waist leggings require you to continually pull them up all the time. But our high-waist saves you this hassle. It fits snugly around the natural contours of your body, hugging your hips all the way up to your wait – no constant adjustments required!

Show Off Your Curves

Feel at your most feminine ever with our bum sculpting leggings. Use them to show off your curves and celebrate your body while looking sexy at the same time.

If you’ve always wanted a peachy, rounded bum, bigger looking bum.

Be bold. Be dangerous and show off your physique in style.

“I just wanted to say a big thank you… i’m SO happy with them. They really do make my bum look more peachy! I love the fact they’re high waisted too. I’ve just ordered them again in black! Thanks Again. Xx” Happy Customer June 2017.

“Hi Hun just wanted to let you know I received my leggings today, I absolutely love them! The quality is unreal and I love how the waist band sucks you in and smoothes you out!! xx” – Happy Customer June 2017


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