Bum exercise machines: 10 best equipment and glute machines for home bum workout

What happens when you can’t get to the gym to train your glutes? Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on all those booty gains as you can easily get in a superb bum workout at home with one of 10 glute machines!

Glute Machines

Content Updated: 3rd April 2022

Can you do a bum workout at home?

A home glute workout is usually possible for the majority of people. As long as you have enough space, then there’s no excuse to not train your glutes! It can even be done without equipment, and there are plenty of excellent bodyweight exercises to tone and sculpt your peach. However, we know that the best way to see gains is by overloading your muscles. To do this, you’re better off looking for a bum exercise machine that’s suitable for home use. Once you’ve found one that suits all your needs, then you can pretty much work your glutes whenever you like!

What to consider for your home butt workout?

Before you go ahead and buy any of the glute machines in this guide, you must think about the practical side of a home glute workout. Mainly, there are three key considerations:

  • Space
  • Budget
  • Effectiveness

Think about how much space you have in your home, and this may restrict the machines that you’re looking at. You don’t want to buy a bum exercise machine that doesn’t fit in your home or takes up too much space.

Similarly, consider your budget – how much can you realistically afford to spend on machines for glutes?

Finally, take into account the effectiveness of the machine. Some may do a better job than others, so it may be worth spending slightly more for a better quality machine that yields better glute gains.

Now, we can start looking at some of the best glute machines you can buy for your home. We’ve got ten listed below, so have a read and see which one you like the best. Note that House Of Peach ® may earn a little income if you choose to make a purchase!

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1. Booty Booster

The Booty Booster is the perfect piece of equipment for a bum workout at home. It’s not so much a glute exercise machine – rather a key glute building piece of equipment to add to your collection. It uses comfortable straps and resistance bands to add extra tension to your workouts. Feel some added resistance as the bands complement popular booty exercises like the kickback. Attach one strap to your hand, and the other to your foot, and you can start making booty gains. bum exce Key Features:

  • Interchangeable resistance bands to alter the difficulty
  • Thick foam pads to avoid rubbing and improve comfort
  • High-quality resistance bands that are very hard to break
  • Takes up virtually no space and can be used anywhere

Our Verdict

We love the portability and simplicity of this booty workout machine. Anyone can use it, there are no complicated instructions, and you just need enough space to lie down in. Plus, you can increase the difficulty by changing the bands.  

Item Summary

  • Pro: Very portable and lightweight
  • Pro: Easy to use
  • Con: Only works for a handful of exercises
  • Con: Quite expensive for what it is

2. Squat Magic by New Image

As far as machines for glutes go, this one is somewhat revolutionary. The Squat Magic looks like a pole that you sit on and do squats with. But, it depresses down as you squat, guiding your body into the proper form. It adds resistance on the way up, so you can improve your squats and get a good booty workout at home.

Key Features:

  • Helps to reduce the impact of squatting on your joints
  • Works five different muscle groups
  • Guides you into the correct squat form
  • Comes with a nutrition guide & 30-day challenge chart

Our Verdict

An unusual bum exercise machine, but one that’s backed by scientific research. If you have difficulty squatting, then this can help you correct your form to engage the right muscles and see more booty gains. In turn, this can help improve your weighted squats in the gym!

Item Summary

  • Pro: Small & requires no space in your home
  • Pro: Keeps your muscles engaged throughout the squat
  • Con: Doesn’t add much resistance to squats
  • Con: Can’t be used with weights

3. Ueasy Bounce Trainer

The Ueasy Bounce Trainer is an interesting looking buttock exercise machine that uses an elastic rope contraption that you can attach to your feet and hips. It aims to provide extra resistance when squatting, lunging, or doing a variety of other legs/glute exercises at home. GLUTE MACHINES

Key Features: 

  • Adjustable straps for added comfort
  • A high-quality elastic rope that adds tension without the fear of it breaking
  • Adds resistance in a range of exercises

Our Verdict

Definitely an intriguing exercise machine for bum workouts that adds something to your exercise routine. The added tension from the rope makes squatting and lunging harder, so you can perform resistance-based workouts at home. 

Item Summary

  • Pro: Let’s you add more resistance to your bum workout at home 
  • Pro: Won’t take up any space in your home
  • Con: You have to buy other ropes separately to vary the difficulty
  • Con: The clips can sometimes rub against you as you work out

4. YSDE Exercise Riding Machine

The YSDE bum exercise machine lets you do a combination squat/row with improved form and efficiency. It allows your body to reach angles that really target the glutes, and you can even add bands to increase the resistance and muscle overload. glute exercise machines

Key Features: 

  • 12 levels of hydraulic resistance for improved squat strength
  • Also tones your core and back muscles for better posture
  • Compatible with resistance bands

Our Verdict

For an excellent bum workout at home that focuses on squats, this glute machine is highly effective. We like the hydraulic resistance, plus the fact you can make it even harder by attaching bands to the machine. It’s about the size of an exercise bike, so it might not be suitable for everyone. 

Item Summary

  • Pro: Excellent glute activation machine
  • Pro: Varying levels of resistance
  • Con: Very expensive
  • Con: Might be too large for people with limited space

5. Powerline Glute Power Machine

One of the more advanced home glute machines that really brings the gym to your home. The Powerline lets you target your glutes with weighted lying kickbacks. You can add as much weight as you want, meaning you can really overload your glutes and get them big and peachy.

Key Features:

  • Standard weight horn lets you load weights to increase resistance
  • Comfortable pads to lie on
  • Adjustable forearm pads so you can get in the perfect position
  • Compact design is perfect for home gyms

Our Verdict

An excellent machine for building muscle and toning your glutes at home. It’s not the largest machine either, so it easily fits in a garage or spare room. We think it can add something extra to your next home butt workout, but it will set you back a fair bit of cash. 

Item Summary

  • Pro: Lets you do weighted glute exercises at home
  • Pro: Easy to adjust to suit your height
  • Con: Very expensive
  • Con: Requires a fair bit of setting up to get started

6. CFX Resistance Bands

Stretchy fabric resistance bands that provide your home workouts with a boost. You don’t get the annoying slippiness or rubbing that latex bands provide, and the quality feels much higher. Can be used when squatting, lunging, doing glute bridges, kickbacks – and many more booty exercises. 

booty bands

Key Features:

  • Fabric design for more comfort than latex
  • Comes with three varying degrees of resistance
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Adds more resistance to your booty workout

Our Verdict

An affordable and effective option for people who want to get more out of a bodyweight home glute workout. These bands don’t take up any extra space, they definitely work, and they’re cheap! We love how you get three in the pack, so you can work your way up through the resistance levels, providing that much-needed muscle overload for your glutes to grow. 

Item Summary

  • Pro: 3 different bands in an affordable package
  • Pro: Can be used to enhance so many booty exercises
  • Con: Beginners may still struggle with the lightest band
  • Con: Fabric can soak up sweat making the bands smell a bit after repeated use

7. BodyBoss 2.0

Advertised as a portable gym, the BodyBoss 2.0 is a pretty intriguing glute exercise machine. The elastic ropes let you squat with extra resistance, and there’s even a bar to simulate the feeling of a barbell squat. Plus, you can attach the ropes to doors to create your own cable machine, opening a world of possibilities for your glute workouts. 

Key Features:

  • Band resistance can easily be adjusted using the Vectorfit Base
  • Collapsable workout bar
  • Door anchor
  • Comfortable band handles
  • Is compatible with other bands

Our Verdict

Our Verdict

If you don’t have a great deal of space, but want a versatile bum exercise machine, then this might be it. You certainly get lots of resistance, and it lets you do a variety of glute exercises with the bar – and also by attaching the ropes to a door. The price may put some of you off, but if it’s within your budget, then we think it’s a sound investment. 

Item Summary

  • Pro: Lets you add lots of resistance to your home glute workout
  • Pro: Doesn’t take up much space at all
  • Con: Only comes with one band
  • Con: Might be out of budget for some people

8. Tora Fitness 40 in 1 Resistance Band Home Workout Machine

As the name suggests, you can do a lot with this home workout machine! From a butt workout perspective, it provides an extra challenge for a plethora of different exercises. The handles look like dumbells, which can mean you can mimic some of the exercises you usually do in the gym.

Key Features:

  • Strong resistance tubing
  • Created to aid with strength training
  • Can be used to supplement lots of glute and legs exercises
  • Small and compact

Our Verdict

Perfectly suited to anyone on a very tight budget with limited space for a glute home workout. One of the more effective glute exercise machines that we’ve looked at, but it has some limitations. The resistance can’t really be altered, so you’d need to buy heavier bands as you get stronger. 

Item Summary

  • Pro: Very cheap
  • Pro: Does help you gain leg and booty strength/size
  • Con: Only one level of resistance
  • Con: You can’t just swap out other bands for these as they must be specifically made for this machine

9. Authentic BootyCo Booty Building Band

A unique and versatile resistance band that can be used in various ways to provide a total home glute workout. The band helps to isolate your main glute muscles, meaning the contract more and grow big and peachy. 

Key Features: 

  • The band has a high level of resistance
  • Can be used for bridges, kickback, clams, and more
  • Comes with a workout guide
  • Can be used anywhere 

Our Verdict

We liked the strange design on this band, and also how it can be used almost like a loop band and a regular resistance band. The guide helps you follow a home bum workout plan, which is excellent for beginners. It won’t take up any extra room either, but the price seems a bit steep compared to other similar products. 

Item Summary

  • Pro: High level of resistance for booty strength gains
  • Pro: Works really well with a range of exercises
  • Con: Quite expensive for a resistance band
  • Con: You only get one band with one level of resistance

10. Strength Shop Glute Ham Developer

A compact machine that lets you do glute/ham raises at home. You can use your own body weight, or hold a weight to your chest for more of a challenge. This exercise is proven to develop your glutes and hamstrings, and this machine lets you get the most out of the exercise. 

buttock exercise machine

Key Features: 

  • Compact design for home use
  • Adjustable pads to keep your legs locked in place
  • Comfortable cushion to help you correct your form

Our Verdict

A wonderful machine to train your posterior chain and get those glutes firing. Our only concern is that this is an advanced exercise. But, if you buy a large exercise ball, you can use it to self-spot and change the difficulty. 

Item Summary

  • Pro: Helps you perform a key glute building exercise at home
  • Pro: Takes up less space than other glute exercise machines
  • Con: It’s expensive
  • Con: Not ideal for beginners

11. Bonus: Maxi Climber Vertical Climbing Cardio Machine

The Maxi Climber works like a typical climbing or steps machine in the gym, only it uses your body weight as the resistance. Can be very useful at functionally strengthing your glutes, while also adding cardio benefits. 

Key Features:

  • Low-impact on your joints
  • Fully customizable to suit your height
  • Lightweight 
  • Can be folded for storage

Our Verdict

We like that you can get a cardio workout in while training your glutes, and it can also be folded and stored away with ease. But, if you want something that gives you a more well-rounded glute home workout, then this may have restrictions. 

Item Summary

  • Pro: Provides a cardio workout and trains your glutes
  • Pro: Space-saving design is easy to move around and store
  • Con: You can’t add any extra resistance
  • Con: You have to pay extra to get it assembled for you


You can improve your glute workouts by purchasing a bum exercise machine to use at home. Remember, think about how much space you have, how much money you can afford, and the effectiveness of each machine. Some of you may love the idea of one machine more than others, and that’s fine. There’s no ‘winner’ here, it comes down to which one ticks all the boxes in your eyes. 


I’m Chloe – a body confidence writer here at House of Peach! I help women to feel fabulous in the body they’re in and feel amazing in gym wear – regardless of their body shape and type. Unleash Your Peach.

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