How to do Glute Kickbacks + VIDEO DEMONSTRATION

how to do glute kickbacks

Common Mistakes and the potential risks of bad form for glute kickbacks

An exercise which is commonly performed with bad form is the glute kickback. There are a few mistakes that are frequently done by gym-goers who implement the glute kickback into their workout regime. One of these is when a participant is putting too much weight on the cables during the exercise. This causes the person to use their whole body to raise the weight instead of just engaging with the glutes to lift their leg up and therefore the weight. By doing this, you mis the point of the whole exercise fail to work the glutes as much as they could be.

Another common mistake is not keeping your back straight during the exercise. This can cause potential injury to the lumbar spine (the lower back), putting emphasis on the wrong areas of the body and potentially weakening the muscles.

How to do a glute kickback correctly

An ankle-strap that can be attached to the cable machine is useful when performing this exercise.

  1. Strap it around the ankle and attach the clip to the cable machine.
  2. Choose a light weight to start with (or no weight using just your body).
  3. Keep your feet together, lean forward moderately with a straight back and squeeze your abs to ensure your core is engaged.
  4. Once your glutes are engaged, rotate your leg slightly and raise the leg (the one with the ankle strap around if you are using one) up and down in a controlled manner.
  5. This includes a pause at the top of the extension of the leg and a slow, controlled descend to engage with the glutes fully. 

Different equipment that can be used to perform a glute kickback

For those of you who fear the cable machine or just can’t wait until it is free to use to perform your glute kickback, then do not fear as these can be done with resistance bands as well as using your own bodyweight.

When using your own body weight you can do them standing up straight or on all fours, whichever way you prefer. There are machines specially designed for performing glute kickbacks in gyms which is another way you can perform them in the correct way. 

Great exercise when used with other glute exercises

If your objective is to grow your glute muscles, then it is important that you perform other exercises for your glutes. Glute kickbacks will not do this by themselves, but rather as a group of exercises. Other exercises which can use to enhance your booty in addition to strengthening your glute muscles include:

You will not get a bigger bum or stronger glute muscles by solely using glute kickbacks but working this exercise into your routine will definitely set you on your way.

Hopefully, these tips will help you perform glute kickbacks correctly and safely and when you have a bum you are proud of then show it off by wearing one of our fabulous scrunchy bum leggings or honeycomb leggings to show your gains!


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