How to get rid of stretch marks on butt?

Stretch marks can happen to anybody - even celebrities get them! We all want that blemish-free, picture-perfect skin, but we shouldn’t be hard on ourselves when we can’t always achieve it. Try to remember that you’re only human: try to consider stretch mark removal as an addition to your happiness, rather than a requirement to being happy. Consider your body perfect as it is right now and think of any adjustments as simply happy bonuses! So how do you get rid of stretch marks on the butt?

How to get rid of stretch marks on bum?

Stretch marks are the bane of bikini season.

You gain weight, they show up.
You lose weight, they show up.
You breathe, they show up.

Firstly, at House of Peach, we believe that all bodies are beautiful, stretch marks, cellulite and all! We believe in body confidence regardless of what you look like – so stretch marks aren’t a bad thing at all – they’re totally natural.

However, if you’re frustrated with stretch marks as they’re affecting your confidence, the good news is that there are some solutions out there that can help diminish their appearance! From micro-needling to simple exfoliation techniques, you can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, no matter where they decide to spring up on your body.

Why do I get stretch marks?

First of all – why do we get stretch marks? Stretch marks occur when your skin is subject to fast changes in your body shape, either rapid weight gain or rapid weight loss. Many women experience stretch marks during pregnancy, as the stomach swells rapidly to accommodate the baby, and the skin’s elasticity doesn’t have the capacity to adapt at the same speed. However, many of us also develop stretch marks during puberty, as the body suddenly begins to take form with all the hormones at play, and the skin stretches rapidly to make room for the new hips, boobs, and bums. Stretch marks are normal anywhere on the body, from the stomach to the arms, to the back to the calves. Having stretch marks on your bum can be annoying, but there are methods to go about fixing it.

Do stretch marks ever go away?

Getting rid of stretch marks on your bum can be a little complicated, as they’re technically scars on the body. But don’t panic, even for the deepest and oldest stretch marks, there are solutions to help diminish them! When it comes to treating them, your treatment will depend on two factors: what colour they are, and how old they are.

How to get rid of butt stretch marks?

If your stretch marks are red and new

If your stretch marks are red and surface-level on the skin, this means that they arrived fairly recently, and are therefore easier to treat. Treating new stretch marks should be done as soon as possible, as they become more difficult to treat with time.

If your stretch marks are deeper, white, or silvery

Stretch marks change colour over time, so if your stretch marks are silvery and white, they’re what I like to refer to as vintage stretch marks: they’ve been around for a while, they’ve seen some things, they’re old school. Treating older stretch marks can be a little more intensive, and traditional creams and oils won’t do much to help improve their appearance. Instead, you’ll want to look at treatments such as lasering and micro-needling, both of which report fantastic results in diminishing the look of stretch marks.

How to Treat Stretch Marks on Butt


Using an exfoliating scrub on your stretch marks is a good idea to help renew the skin and stimulate collagen production. Collagen is vital in keeping your skin elastic for as long as possible, but collagen production diminishes significantly with age – so get out that scrub!

Retinol creams

If your stretch marks are new, you can try applying retinol creams to improve their appearance. Tretinoin, a known retinoid, can aid in rebuilding collagen, helping the stretch marks blend naturally into your normal skin, promoting a more even skin texture.

Dry Body brushing

Body brushing is great for your skin all year round, as it helps aid lymphatic flow in the body and can help skin cell renewal. Long-term body brushing can not just help diminish the appearance of stretch marks, but improve the appearance of cellulite, too! Not to mention that dry body brushing is also a great time-saving exfoliant.

How to treat older, deeper stretch marks

Micro-needling at home

Once upon a time,micro-needling was a Hollywood luxury, with sky-high prices making it exclusively available for the rich and famous. Thanks to the online market, social media, and some savvy entrepreneurship, micro-needling can now be done at home for a fraction of the price. Micro-needling works by puncturing the skin with little needles, provoking the skin to heal and repair itself with the help of collagen. The skin repairs itself and effectively creates new skin over the damaged skin, diminishing the look of stretch marks and giving you a more even skin tone. When micro-needling at home, it is important to follow strict safety guidelines and keep your products thoroughly sanitised. Remember that House Of Peach cannot advise on the safety of medical procedures so please seek advice from your GP!

Micro-needling at a salon

If needles are really not your thing, you can always try micro-needling at a salon, but this treatment will probably make a significant dent in your bank account. In order to obtain the optimal results, most salons will also usually request that you make several appointments, normally in blocks of 6 or 12. The number of appointments needed depends on the area to be treated. Micro-needling at a salon will probably yield faster results – but it won’t come cheap!

Laser treatments

Laser treatments can also work on old stretch marks and help improve the appearance of the skin but might struggle to make a difference on older, deeper scars. Enquire at your local salon, as most salons advise you to visit for a consultation before beginning any treatment.

What is the fastest way to get rid of stretch marks on butt?

If you want to get rid of stretch marks on your butt, know that you’re probably not going to find a quick-fix solution, and you’re not going to see substantial results overnight. That being said, if you have an event, a holiday, or a photoshoot coming up where you’d like to hide your stretch marks, you can invest in some heavy anti-scarring body makeup. While these products aren’t going to improve your stretch marks as scars, they will cover up their appearance and give you a confidence boost.


I’m Chloe – a body confidence writer here at House of Peach! I help women to feel fabulous in the body they’re in and feel amazing in gym wear – regardless of their body shape and type. Unleash Your Peach.

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