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How to keep your glutes whilst you’re on holiday🌞

keep glutes on holiday

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, the reason that’s fuelled your motivation in the gym, you are finally going on that holiday you have worked your ass off (literally) for.

You can finally show off your bikini-ready body and your extra peachy glutes. So you’re going to a new destination and where you’re going to be staying doesn’t have any gym facilities for you to keep up with your gym routine, well, first of all, you’re on holiday girl! You should relax and take some time off, even save the space in your case for extra bikinis, not that we’re here to tell you what to do, but the recovery time could even be really rewarding for your progress.

Secondly, you will not lose your glutes or your overall progress for that matter, your body will not shake off all your muscle mass in a week. However, we are here for you regardless so if you do need a little help with how to keep your glutes on holiday and when to work out to keep up with your normal routine we can be of help.

If you have access to a gym…

You will not have the exact same routine as you would back home because everything will be different plus if it’s a hotel gym you’re going to be attending they are usually extremely limited with their equipment. So say you have a dumbbell rack, you could squat, lunge, do hip thrusts and even deadlift and the heaviest weight that you would need is 10 or 12kg, you don’t need to go too heavy especially if you just want a nice pumped feeling.

There will most likely be a treadmill because every decent gym on the planet has a treadmill, try increasing the incline quite high but have the speed relatively low just enough to walk without having to pick up the pace, pop your band around your thighs then what you want to do is take long deep strides, with the band around your legs this will make your glutes feel like they’re on fire.

If you don’t have access to a gym…

Try to find out beforehand if where you are staying has a gym so it gives you enough time to order a set of resistance bands to take with you because if there isn’t one they will be a lifesaver for little to no equipment workouts.

They also work as a little extra weight because of the resistance they provide. If you are going somewhere which doesn’t have any gym facilities, you don’t need a gym full of weight racks or exercise machines for it to be effective, it’s just easier if you do have them but remember; the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do, so use whats around you.

A routine of three-five simple exercises with two-three sets every other day should be enough. Any workout we suggest you can also do it without the bands if you don’t have any so just bear that in mind. Banded step-ups on a set of stairs, it doesn’t even need to be one with loads of steps, you won’t need any more than four.

Find something relatively heavy but quite small, such as a large bottle of water (a five-litre one), to place on your hips and you can do hip thrusts, with or without a band. You could use the same bottle to do Bulgarian squats.

This might sound totally random as not many people actually own one but a skipping rope is an amazing and simple bit of kit. It targets your hamstrings, calves, and of course your glutes. It is an excellent way to tone your lower body as it perks up your rear muscles.

Try to walk as often as you can, go for a walk around your resort, if you’re by a beach then you could walk the length of the beach, whilst also tanning because we’re assuming you’re somewhere with a tropical climate, it’s a win-win.

Take the stairs rather than getting into a lift or going up escalators as this can engage your glutes, try to skip a step or two when going up as this can feel like a deep squat.

Keeping your glutes on holiday can be kept simple with just a resistance band and a large bottle of water for a bit of extra weight, you may not even need to leave your room to do most of the workouts discussed which means you can do them as soon as you wake up. You won’t even need to work out every day but just enough for the duration that you’re away for a nice pumped peach.

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