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How to make your bum look bigger instantly – 4 must have items!

So you’ve decided to boost the booty, craft your curves and build the bum! You have your workout plan; diet plan and every other bum related plan ready to go. Great! You’ll definitely reap the rewards in the long term, but what can you do in the meantime to visibly enhance the size of your bum instantly. By making just 4 clever and discreet additions to your wardrobe, you can creatively boost your bottom size to give you that peachy bum and womanly figure instantly…♡


So we’ve all heard of the push-up bra, but did you know about the butt lifter? Rising in popularity, butt lifters essentially smooth out the areas that surround your bum, pushing your bum into a rounded, pert shape that looks amazing in jeans. Despite how they look, they are incredibly comfortable. Our models have tested these both on nights out, at the gym and for everyday usage – and they passed on all three counts! As well as this, they’re very discreet and seamless – nobody will know that you’re wearing them – a neat little addition to the wardrobe that will boost your bum instantly…♡

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Many women have been wearing scrunch bikinis and shorts for some time – and for good reason. With an elasticated section below the waistband, your glutes will be intelligently enhanced and will give them the definition and ‘depth’ without sacrificing the comfort factor which makes scrunch leggings ideal for gym workouts as well as regular everyday wear. The leggings are starting to turn heads all over the UK and instantly make your bum look bigger!

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An amazing pair of jeans can make you look and feel like a million dollars and extremely confident, whilst an ill-fitting pair is certain to make you feel horrid! Why go high waisted? High waisted sucks you in at the waist, making your waist look thinner, giving the illusion of a huge behind …♡


Waist trainers are such a valuable addition to the wardrobe for the reason above! They really suck you in making your boobs and bum look wider – giving you that enviable, womanly hourglass figure. You can achieve that perky looking bum by mixing and matching a few of the items above. Shapewear opens up so many possibilities to give you a curvier frame so browse our products here at House Of Peach ® and try it today!

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