What is the best shapewear for wedding dress?

If you’re preparing for your big day, we’re certain that planning your wedding dress is one of your key priorities. There’s almost no other outfit that requires as much planning for just one day of wear - so it’s important to get it right! What shapewear works with your wedding dress?

shapewear for wedding dress

One way you can give yourself an extra confidence boost when wearing your wedding dress is to pair it with some high-quality shapewear. Shapewear can smooth out any lines and bumps, conceal any visible cellulite, and even give you a more sculpted and shaped silhouette for your big day.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the best types of shapewear for your big day, and how to discreetly wear the right shapewear under your wedding dress.

Should I wear shapewear?

First of all – do you need to wear shapewear under your wedding dress? If your dress has been tailored perfectly, tried on numerous times and fits like a glove, you might wonder why shapewear is even necessary.

If you’re wearing a floaty, chiffon, empire or ball gown, shapewear may not be necessary, as these types of wedding dresses don’t tend to be form-fitting.

It’s simple – shapewear gives you that extra boost of confidence when all eyes are going to be on you. We all know how it feels to get caught in an awkward posture or bad angle by the camera – and it’s ten times worse when it’s a professional camera, and it happens on your wedding day! While we’re sure you’ll look absolutely gorgeous, adding shapewear under your dress can give you an enhanced peace of mind as you enjoy your big day.

What is the best shapewear for wedding dress?

Choosing the best shapewear for your wedding dress will first depend on what type of wedding dress you’ve chosen. If you’re wearing a silk, satin, or form-fitting wedding dress, the best option is a lower body shapewear – this will typically cover the thighs, hips, stomach, and bum area, and won’t come with any visible straps. Full body shapewear will hold your stomach in, flatten down any irregular lumps or bumps (such as cellulite), and create a visibly more sculpted silhouette. This type of shapewear is also ideal if you’re wearing a strapless or strappy dress and simply want some extra hold.

In general, unless your wedding dress is long-sleeved (and even then, it needs to be a thick material) we’d advise against wearing any shapewear that comes with shoulder straps. The straps might be visible through your delicate wedding dress material, and will end up giving the game away.

So, if you’re wearing a strapless wedding dress and want some tummy control, is it possible to find shapewear for the upper body without shoulder straps? Yes! If your dress is strapless and you want your shapewear to flatten your stomach, you can choose between either a simple pair of tummy control pants, a waist trainer, or a strapless body.

waist trainer offers the highest possible control and hold, but they can be slightly uncomfortable. Waist trainers can give you a sculpted, cinched look in your middle, which can really add the wow factor to any dress.

Tummy control pants are the best option if you want to stay low-key while giving yourself some extra hold and control around your midriff area. Tummy control pants won’t cinch in your waist like a waist trainer will, but it will flatten out any irregularities and overall help you appear more sculpted.

strapless body is a swimsuit-like piece of shapewear that can be worn under your wedding dress to offer tummy, back, and even bum control. What’s great about a strapless body is that it offers fluidity between your upper and lower body; you get to streamline your figure without the straps giving it away.

How to wear shapewear under your wedding dress

So, how can you pull off your wedding look without letting anyone in on the secret shapewear? One word: preparation.

Try it beforehand

It’s absolutely essential for you to try on your shapewear beforehand. This isn’t just to see if it’ll fit – although that’s incredibly important too – but you want to make sure that there are no visible lines, seams, or irregularities when you put your wedding dress on top.

Don’t double up

While it might seem like an easy way to give yourself that sculpted, hourglass look you’ve been aiming for in the gym, we highly discourage doubling up on shapewear. Not only is it going to be uncomfortable for you on your wedding day, but you’re also increasing the likelihood of the shapewear being visible through your dress.


I’m Chloe – a body confidence writer here at House of Peach! I help women to feel fabulous in the body they’re in and feel amazing in gym wear – regardless of their body shape and type. Unleash Your Peach.

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