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Ah the dreaded cellulite. Even though we think you should love your body no matter what it looks like, we know that cellulite can make you feel pretty self-conscious – especially in the gym. The answer? Anti cellulite leggings. These leggings are specifically designed to hide any unwanted visible cellulite to give you the confidence to smash that workout. Browse our range below. Unleash your peach. 

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At some point in your life, you will spy the first little ripple of cellulite on your thigh and have a mild panic attack. However, don’t think that you have to live with this self-esteem sapping affliction. While you should love your body no matter what shape or size you have been blessed with, it’s understandable that you want to limit the effect that cellulite has on your confidence. Take a look at these FAQs to help you decipher the wonderful world of anti cellulite leggings.

Q. How and why do we get cellulite?

Before you worry about the cellulite on your legs, consider that up to 90% of women will experience cellulite in their lives. This isn’t anything new or unusual. It’s a part of life. So how and why do we get it?

Cellulite is the uneven, dimply skin that you notice on the rear of your thighs. It can often appear cottage-cheese like in appearance and many women find it unsightly. While it is completely normal, it can harm our self-esteem. 

An uneven surface is created when your skin is pulled down towards deeper tissues in between fat cells. Fat cells accumulate in one area and push up against your skin, while your connective tissue is pulled downwards. This creates the bumpy appearance. You could be underweight, overweight, or athletic, and you can still find that patches of cellulite develop on your thighs, buttocks, or abdomen.

As the female of the species, you are more likely to develop cellulite because of hormonal factors. Alongside genetics, you will develop cellulite as your skin and fat cells age. While all women can get cellulite, excess weight can make it appear more prominent as you may naturally have more fat cells. This is why hitting the gym or heading to the park in anticellulite leggings can help you to shift the pounds, tone up, and improve the look of your cellulite.

Q. How do anti cellulite leggings work?

We have revamped our extremely popular Scrunch Bum Leggings, giving this brand new product the same much-loved features including the ruched material that draws the eye to the roundness of your cheeks and the high waist to ‘suck you in’ and ‘smooth you out’, PLUS the ultimate added bonus – they hide any unwanted cellulite!

Some of the features of these ultimate confidence-boosting leggings include: A material and shape that will lift, enhance and sculpt you in all the right places, making you feel fully supported when you need it most. The honeycomb texture, specifically designed to hide any lumps or bumps, making sure that all the focus is on your best assets only!

Ever find your leggings slipping down when you’re trying to work out? Say goodbye to keeping a hand free to constantly pull them up, as this high waistband is designed to prevent this. These leggings will keep your booty in place and your leggings firmly on.

Q. Will they improve the look of my bum?

Yes! Absolutely! The higher waistband in anti cellulite gym leggings alongside the sculpting effect of a tighter fit gives your booty all of the enhancement that it needs! Leggings are designed to be tight so they will cling to your body, including your bum. This naturally lifts your buttocks and can create the illusion of making your bum look bigger and more pert.

Q. Do they have a scrunch in them?

We do have anti cellulite gym leggings with a scrunch in them. Our scrunch leggings have a gathered seam design to give your bum a little extra lift enhancing your curves. The scrunch effect is flattering for all body shapes and sizes.

Q. Can I squat in them?

Our leggings will give you the confidence you need to squat without any fear or hesitation. We use materials that will empower you to squat and allow you to be as flexible as you need to be when hitting the gym or exercise class of your choice.

Q. Does anticellulite mean that they will get rid of cellulite?

Anti cellulite gym leggings are not capable of removing cellulite from your body, but they will keep your bumps and dimples hidden from view. They can empower you to feel more confident at the gym, meaning that you are free to work harder when working out. They can help you find your healthy mojo, meaning that you eat better and pump more iron to tone up your muscles. By enhancing your physique and improving your muscle tone, you can find that your cellulite diminishes a little.

Q. Are they popular?

Our honeycomb leggings are one of our most popular leggings collections to date because they are so comfortable and have bonus anticellulite properties.

Why shop at House of Peach?

At House of Peach, our priority is to supply customers with high-quality scrunch bum leggings and outstanding customer service. Our team are always at hand to ensure that you’re fully satisfied with your new leggings or need an update on your order.

We offer fast, 1 st class delivery in the UK and are also now offering international delivery too! All anti cellulite leggings sent to a UK address will be posted using recorded delivery, so you can fully track your order and even see how many stops are left before you and when it’s coming down the road! You can find out more information about delivery here.  Our priority here at House of Peach is to help you feel body confident, comfortable and look fantastic while you’re enjoying a healthy lifestyle. If you feel great about yourself, so do we! Check out our seamless gym leggingscamo gym leggings and ombre gym leggings.

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