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We all know already the benefits of a great corset: a slimline waist, an exaggerated hourglass figure, a flatter stomach, and an overall feminine shape that looks incredible in any outfit. Now imagine that you can incorporate all the benefits of a good corset into a pair of leggings – Introducing our corset leggings! 

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What are corset leggings?

Corset leggings are like any normal leggings, except that this special pair comes with an attached corset for your stomach. Equipped with compression material to suck in your waist and give you that Dita-Von-Teese pin-up figure, these leggings are ideal if you want to show off your hard work in the gym – or if you want to motivate yourself to work harder! Corset leggings will be sure to make big waves in 2022 in the viral leggings trend, so snap yours up and be the first of your Instagram crowd to rock the look!

Benefits of wearing corset leggings:

  • Enhanced figure
  • More body control when working out
  • Can help women regain their pre-pregnancy figures
  • Improved workouts
  • Better posture
  • Motivating when worn during exercise
  • Suitable for all body types

Who can wear corset leggings?

The great thing about most types of leggings is that they’re suitable for everyone to wear, and the same goes for corset leggings! Even if you’re currently rocking a big tummy, corset leggings are made with powerful compression fabric, helping to hold in your stomach and cinch in your waist. If you’re plus-sized and looking to lose a bit of weight, these leggings can even help to motivate you to work harder in the gym! Seeing physical evidence of how your figure could be with a bit of work is the best motivation!

Will these leggings make my bum look bigger?

Corset leggings will help to make your bum look bigger, uniquely because they will make your waist appear much smaller. As a result, your silhouette – even if you’re not genetically blessed with a J-Lo derriere – will appear fuller and more lifted.

Do corset leggings have scrunch?

Corset leggings don’t have any scrunch bum detailing, as the thick corset waistband begins at the hips and goes all the way up to the waist. The aim of a corset legging is to create smoothness and a refined silhouette, so for these leggings, there’s no point in adding a scrunch bum effect. View our scrunch bum leggings range here.

Where can I buy corset leggings?

While you can buy them online, corset leggings are not yet widely available on the UK clothing market – luckily for our customers, we’re way ahead of the curve at House of Peach. You can buy them from our site, in a variety of different colours. Make sure to buy your correct size, as the compression fabric is already tight.

Will these improve the appearance of cellulite?

Corset leggings won’t improve the appearance of cellulite – if you have cellulite on your stomach or thighs, the only thing that is proven to help improve its appearance is working out and healthy eating. Boring? Yes, but there are no quick fixes when it comes to building a body you love! (At least, no free quick fixes.)

Do corset leggings work?

It’s important to know what your expectations are and what ‘work’ means for you. Will they transform your body overnight into a Kim K replica? No – if that’s what you’re looking for, unfortunately, these leggings (nor any leggings for that matter) will do the trick. On the other hand, will corset leggings improve your confidence, give you a sexy hourglass figure and boost your self-esteem? Yes! These leggings are designed to give your body shape, create beautiful curves and help you to feel great about your own body.

Are corset leggings safe?

Corset leggings are 100% safe to wear, but make sure not to be irresponsible. As these leggings are already formulated with compression fabric, there’s no need to buy them in a smaller size – the corset part of the legging is already small enough and will definitely flatten your stomach! It’s also important to not treat them like a waist trainer: don’t sleep in them and don’t wear them under everything – wearing leggings 24/7 (especially after working out) can transfer bacteria onto the skin and cause breakouts on your body.

Can I wear them to the gym?

Corset leggings are ideal gym wear, not just because of the physical effects on the physique but because they will give you lots of control when it comes to performing your exercise routine. There’s nothing more annoying in the gym than a pair of yoga pants or leggings that won’t stop falling down! They will also hold in your stomach when performing mat exercises or pilates moves, giving you that all-important peace of mind when working out.

Can I squat wearing them?

Yes! Whilst certain other corsets – such as traditional corsets and waist trainers – can often be difficult to move around it, corset leggings are less rigid and therefore much easier to wear during exercise. The thick, corset-style waistband also holds in your body, including any wobbly bits, meaning that you can squat away with peace of mind!

Do corset leggings reduce belly fat?

Just like the limits of cellulite-improving leggings, these leggings won’t be able to help reduce belly fat on their own. However,  seeing how great your stomach looks when it’s flatter can certainly motivate you to work harder in the gym! Whilst a pair of corset leggings aren’t going to transform your body on their own, let them be a useful tool in your fitness journey when it comes to motivation and inspiration. What better inspiration to work out, than seeing potential results on your own body?

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