Is Marcy gym equipment any good?

Is Marcy Gym Equipment Any Good? In part, yes. There are seemingly great aspects of the brand, and then there are negative aspects that could be deal breakers to some people. Whether they are truly "any good" is relevant to personal needs and preferences.

Is Marcy Gym Equipment Any Good?

Based on an extensive collection of reviews, the brand, across all options, seems to have the same outlying pros and cons. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide.

Pros of Choosing Marcy Gym Equipment

The reviews and comparison lists seem to all point to 3 pieces of Marcy equipment: the Utility Bench SB-670 (adjustable), the NS-40501E Elliptical, and the MWM 988 Home Gym. There is a general agreement that all Marcy products are affordable in pricing and good options for fitness beginners.

All Marcy equipment is made with premium powder-coated 14g steel framing for durability. The seats are all made with high-density foam for a comfortable session. All their equipment is advertised as affordable for the product’s value.

I want to break down the pros of each major player in detail, so you have the best opportunity to evaluate for yourself.

Utility Bench SB-670

  • Easy to use once its assembled
  • The seat has 3 adjustment levels.
  • The back has 6 adjustment levels.
  • Attaches to other Marcy home equipment for combination usage
  • Folds and rolls away easily for storage

NS-40501E Elliptical

  • Great beginner’s choice…if you aren’t too tall
  • 8 resistance levels
  • Wheels for easy moving
  • Quiet motor
  • Tablet/phone holder
  • Easy-to-read monitor

MWM 988 Home Gym

  • 6 stations in one to save room at home
  • Cheaper than the average annual gym membership
  • Multiple attachments available
  • The preacher curl attachment is removable for better access to other moves
  • Dual functioning arm bars for easy switching of exercises

Cons of Choosing a Marcy Machine

To continue the reviews of the same 3 pieces of equipment, you need the bad and ugly with the good. While each page I found on Marcy equipment states affordable, great value, and durable foam padding, I found nothing that actually set those aspects apart from other brands.

I also searched for the top brands for home gyms, the top best home gym options, and the best 5 brands for gym equipment, and Marcy never showed up once. I can’t say I have ever heard of them, but that’s not to say they aren’t a great product to consider while shopping for your next at-home gym equipment.

I found common on each con list: the weight restriction is 300 lbs, and height may lead to comfort concerns. Aside from the bench, taller users will feel awkward when manoeuvring around the equipment. Also, assembly is noted to be tedious and lengthy. It must either be an expert or requires multiple people to assist in the work.

Again, the choice is ultimately yours.

Utility Bench SB-670

  • Weight restrictions make it not suitable for powerlifters or heavier persons
  • Assembly may require multiple people
  • Maintenance requires you to go back and tighten everything down over time with use
  • Price varies drastically from the manufacturer (link in the pro list) to Amazon (link here)
  • Nothing to make it stand out from other brands

NS-40501E Elliptical

  • A simple LCD screen only provides very basic info- no heart rate included
  • Does not fold down to store easily
  • No workout Programs included
  • Stride length is only 12 inches- average adult stride length is 25-29 inches
  • Not suited for anyone over 300 lbs and taller than 5’8″

MWM 988 Home Gym

  • Compacting 6 stations into 1 makes it hard for taller users to work out comfortably.
  • The seat and backrest are NOT adjustable.
  • Regular maintenance is required to keep pulleys and cables lubricated.
  • Resistance levels can not be increased, limiting progression for bodybuilders and serious strength trainers.

Marcy Equipment Overall

This brand offers more equipment options than the 3 listed above, and pricing IS comparable from their website to others such as Amazon. All of their equipment provides a 2-year limited warranty and parts to purchase instead of buying an entire new machine.

Not only do they have big machines for strength and cardio workouts at home, but they also carry accessories to hook onto the machines or use them separately. So, if you want to check out what Marcy offers, you can start small and work your way up.

One of the BEST features that stands out to me is that Marcy is an American-made company. Eventually, they branched out and partnered with a European company to expand their market, but their HQ is still in California.

A Few Safety Tips for Home Gym Usage

The transition from going to a gym to creating a home gym has increased drastically over the past 2-3 years. Getting stuck at home, household income decreasing, and prices of everything skyrocketing due to the “it that shall not be named” have turned many lives upside down.

Now that more people are working out at home, there are more injuries being reported for various exercise-related situations. Be sure to take a few minutes after setting up your home gym to be safe.

  • Follow instructions for proper assembly and usage of equipment.
  • Unless you bought a trainer to come over, ensure you know HOW to perform an exercise correctly. There are a variety of ways to do one exercise, so watch videos and read the steps.
  • Practice with no weight or light weight before diving in full strength.
  • Wipe down equipment like you would at the gym and put your weights away when finished.

The best way to determine if Marcy equipment is really any good [for you] is to do the research and compare them to other products you know. One option is to talk to your local gym and see what brand they use. If you have a local fitness outlet store, go there and test out different models to see what feels right to you.

Finally, be sure you buy what YOU need to be successful in your fitness journey, not what is “popular” or “in” right now. Don’t buy an entire home gym for hundreds of dollars when you only need a bench and some free weights.


I’m Chloe – a body confidence writer here at House of Peach! I help women to feel fabulous in the body they’re in and feel amazing in gym wear – regardless of their body shape and type. Unleash Your Peach.

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