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Looking to achieve that coveted hourglass figure? Look no further than hip dip shapewear! This miracle fabric contours your curves and gives you the perfect silhouette. With a little help from hip dip shapewear, you’ll look amazing in any outfit. So ditch the Spanx and try something new – hip dip shapewear can give you the results you want! Unleash your peach

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About our hip dip shapewear

Hip dips can be a real pain when it comes to creating a smooth, curvaceous silhouette. While some celebrities and influencers have popularised hip dip fillers, hold your horses (and your bank account) before going down the surgical route. With our hip dip shapewear, you can conceal your hip dips and give yourself Beyoncé-worthy curves in just a few instants.

But first of all…what are hip dips?

Hip dips are indentations at the side of your hips, which can protrude and create a disruptive ‘dip’ in your silhouette. There’s no real ’cause’ of hip dips – the shape of your pelvis and your genetic makeup will determine whether or not you have noticeable hip dips. Don’t feel bad if you do have them – stunning celebrities including Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Ashley Graham, and Lizzo all have them too! Remember your body is perfect how it is!

Hip dip shapewear for smooth curves

Our hip dip shapewear is designed to instantly smooth out your hip dips, creating that hourglass shape. With two pads at the side of each hip to conceal any indentations, alongside a firm, tummy-controlling shapewear piece across your middle, you not only create a more streamlined physique, but also give yourself head-turning curves.

Secure hold

When shapewear contains any removable padding, it’s normal to worry about the padding coming off, or parts of the shapewear falling off due to faulty manufacturing. At House of Peach, all our shapewear is expertly designed and manufactured, especially our shapewear with padding. We want you to be able to feel secure, confident, and worry-free when wearing our shapewear, so we always take every measure to maximise quality.

Easy to wear

Made with lightweight fabric that won’t constrict you or irritate your skin, our hip dip shapewear will keep you feeling comfortable all day long. It’s designed with extra-firm shaping compression that provides targeted sculpting across your tummy – just enough to create curves without digging into your skin. Plus, it’s easy to slip on and off for effortless convenience when getting ready!

Whether you want to create a show-stopping look in a bespoke dress, or simply make your jeans look even better than they do already, hip dip shapewear can turn any outfit from wow to WOAH! in just a few minutes.

Add volume to slim hips

Even if you don’t have hip dips, our hip dip shapewear is a great way to add volume to your frame. Want your favourite slinky dress to hug your curves even more than it does already? With hip padding and a compressed weight, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go.

Why House of Peach

At House of Peach, we know how essential body confidence is. Since 2017, we’ve been creating figure-hugging fitness wear for bodies of all sizes, and now you’re sure to find even more ways to boost your body-confidence with our new shapewear range.

From corset leggings to tummy control shapewear, our range gives you the power to mould your figure as you’d love it to be. There’s no ‘perfect figure’ in our book – just the best and most confident version of yourself.

For body-positive gym wear and shapewear from a UK-owned brand, shop the House of Peach collection today and start your journey to better body confidence.

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Petite body shapers

If you’re under 5 ft 4, you might want to try out our specially-made petite body shapers, designed to fit shorter frames. We cater to all shapewear needs with a comprehensive range of pieces in our petite range: from plunging bodysuits to tummy control leggings, our shapewear proves that good things do come in small packages.

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