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If you’re looking to sculpt your figure, look no further than our collection of underbust shapewear! These pieces will help you to achieve a flattering silhouette by shaping and contouring the area under your breasts. Our shapewear is made from high-quality materials that are comfortable to wear all day long. Unleash your peach

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House of Peach Product Page: Underbust shapewear

About our underbust shapewear

When it comes to shapewear, you might think that it starts and ends with waist-cinchers, tummy flattening leggings, and leg shapers – but it’s not true! In fact, at House of Peach, we’ve designed a range of shapewear that helps to lift, sculpt, and accentuate your bust and your chest area, giving you a more prominent, plunging look that’ll turn the heads of everyone you pass!

Benefits of underbust shapewear

Perkier bust area

With underbust shapewear, you’re able to turn the most mundane of necklines into a daring, crowd-stopping, red-carpet-worthy frenzy! Underbust shapewear works by offering moderate compression around your ribcage, just under where your bra sits. You still need to wear a bra with underbust shapewear, but you can pair this piece with a push-up bra for ultimate effect and maximum impact.

Smooth your upper waist

When it comes to traditional types of shapewear, you’ll notice that many tummy-sculpting pieces will flatten and smooth the lower and central abdomen area, but what about if your problem area sits just under the bust? This area of the body can be prone to small pockets of fat and skin, especially if you’re wearing something body-hugging and form-fitting. Underbust shapewear will pull in the upper part of your waist, in turn making your bust appear fuller and more in focus.

Posture corrector

If you’re not aware of how important your posture is to the overall appearance of your figure – the answer is simple: very! Another benefit to underbust shapewear is that it can help to improve your posture, by offering light compression around your shoulders and upper arms. So not only will your waist and bust appear slimmer and perkier respectively, but you’ll also help to elongate your figure by practising a more upright posture. Great for your boobs, great for your back!

How to wear underbust shapewear: our House of Peach tips

Wearing an underbust shapewear piece might feel strange at first, but we’re here to help you get the most out of this magic-making piece of underwear. Here’s how you should wear this shapewear for best results:

  • Pick the right bra to accompany it. Like we said, underbust shapewear isn’t technically a bra – it’s more a lifting, sculpting compressor that works to smooth out and lift up your bust area and trim your upper waist. Therefore, don’t forget to pick an appropriate bra to pair it with – opt for a push up bra if you’re feeling daring, or a t-shirt bra if your neckline is modest.
  • You can wear underbust shapewear during your workout to offer maximum support to your breasts, especially if you’re performing cardio movements.
  • This piece works best with short t-shirt sleeves and long sleeves. As this shapewear comes with short sleeves, it’s not ideal for strapless or clothing with thin straps – make use of it to enhance your long sleeve dresses and tops.

Why House of Peach

When it comes to finding the latest innovations in shapewear and body confidence, you can’t do better than House of Peach. We’re a UK brand with hundreds of figure-hugging leggings, crop tops, shapewear and more – and we’re all about that self love and confidence! With a size-inclusive range including body shapewear for petite figures, we’re your go-to when you need instant, figure-boosting confidence.

Related products

Underbust shapewear isn’t all we have over here at House of Peach – if you want to lift a saggy bust, make a statement with a daring low-neck dress, or simply achieve some upper body smoothing and control, we’ve got you covered.

Shapewear for arms

If you want to conceal visible skin sagging or cellulite in your upper body, our shapewear for arms does just the trick. Plus, this shapewear will even enhance your decollété, making it perfect for pairing with that low-cut top you recently bought.

Shapewear petticoat

Want chest support but need something sleeveless and strapless? Our shapewear petticoat offers moderate compression and control from bust to thigh, ideal for pairing with your new bandeau dress or a bustier corset dress – or even a dress or top with thinner straps.

Wear your own bra shapewear

If you like the idea of underbust shapewear, but want something that offers both bust, waist, and tummy control, you should opt for wear-you-own-bra shapewear. This piece is worn like a t-shirt, with two shoulder straps and a compression effect over the stomach and hips. You’ll also be able to pair your own bra with this piece, giving you not just double, but triple the smoothing and lifting effects!

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