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5 signs you need to strengthen your glutes

Listen up! Your glutes need your attention!

So why should we care about our glutes?

Having strong glutes doesn’t only improve your physique, giving you the bum you desire, but also improves your balance, posture and can improve your athletic performance. Having strong glutes also reduces your risk of back pain and injury.

When we think of glutes, we think of the butt. The glutes are the largest muscle in the human body. The complex muscle comprises both slow and fast twitch muscle fibres.

Slow twitch muscle fibres are muscles used for endurance activities, such as long distance running.

Fast twitch muscles fibres are used for energy burst activities, such as sprinting or jumping.

Your glutes make it possible for you to have explosive movement, such as sprinting at full speed or posture based movement, for example standing. Your glutes are important for more than just how your bum looks but the way you move. 

At the House Of Peach ® we encourage everyone to take care of themselves by stopping treatable health issues before they become a problem. We promote looking after all muscle groups and not just for aesthetic purposes. But we’re not gonna lie who wouldn’t want a peachy bum to show off in your new gym bodysuit or scrunch bum leggings!

Read on to find out the signs that your glutes need more TLC.

1. Hip or knee pain

Weak glutes can impact on your joints including your hips, knees and even your ankles. Women tend to have wider hips, and need to be particularly careful of this as their wider hips weaken their knees. Experts believe that this affects the alignment of the knee. Matt Bayes, MD, explains how the pain in the front of the knee can be interpreted as a sign of weak glutes. 

2. Poor Posture

Do you slouch a lot? 

Does sitting tall seem draining and takes a lot of effort?

Then you may have weak glutes. Bad posture that gets worse throughout the day is a key indicator of weak glutes. But don’t fret, read our 5 ways to strengthen your glutes article. Our posture doesn’t just rely on a strong core but also requires strong glutes which help maintain an upright posture.

3. Lower back pain

Poor technique of exercises, such as bridging exercise, can cause back pain if glutes aren’t engaged properly. Weak glutes especially whilst exercising can lead to over-compensation from the lower back muscles. By engaging your glute muscles you can prevent and protect your lower back from pain and even injury. A mind muscle method is key to making sure that the right muscles are engaged.

4. An abnormal gait

When you run do you get spasms in one side or sway from side to side? 

If your gait (a person’s manner of walking e.g. stride) is off, then this can be a sign that your glutes are weak. Your gait can be affected by the weakness in your hip abductor muscles. Someone’s walk can be off and uneven if their glutes are too weak to support their weight, leading to a noticeable side to side motion. It often looks like the person is limping. “hip stiffness/poor mobility in the hip joint, it will lead to abnormal movement in all of the hip stabilizer muscles,” Bayes explains the effect of weak glutes on a person’s gait. He goes on to explain the pain caused in the glutes and hips because of this gait. 

5. Plantar fasciitis & Blisters

Plantar fasciitis is a sharp pain in the heel often leading to inflammation. This is a later sign of weak glutes. Weak glutes lead to abnormal foot strides whilst running. An abnormal running gait can over time lead to plantar fasciitis pain. This is why it’s so crucial to listen to the previous signs before it’s too late. 

Plantar fasciitis and a late sign of weak glutes.

Blisters can also be a sign of weak glutes. Weak glutes often results in a change in your gait, which whilst running can cause blisters. An altered stride pattern can put more pressure on the feet, resulting in blisters. As Bayes explains, blisters are  a “sign of poor gait/biomechanics from glute weakness such as altered foot striker pattern.” However, can also be a sign of poor fitting shoes.

So what now? 

Not surprisingly it involves squats, deadlifts, lunges. For more information on how to strengthen your glutes look no further than our article ‘5 Ways to Strengthen weak glutes’. It will have you back in fit shape in no time. So now you know the signs, go read up on how to strengthen and then go work on those glutes!

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