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We all dread the formation of cellulite appearing on our skin. It can make us feel low-self-esteem, even though we try our best to love our bodies regardless! But… lucky for you House Of Peach ® has got the answer – Anti cellulite gym shorts! Our cycle shorts are perfect for hiding unwanted cellulite that can be visible with ordinary shorts. Our new gym shorts will give you all the confidence you need to become a workout beast and #unleashyourpeach. ♡

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Still feeling unsure? Why not go through some of our FAQs below for more information on our exquisite new range of gym shorts.

Q. What is Cellulite and How/ Why We Get it?

If you are feeling worried that cellulite has appeared on your thighs, then always remember you are not alone. Statistics have shown that near enough to 90% of women have also experienced cellulite and it is absolutely normal. Having cellulite is an inevitable stage of human life and is nothing new. But it begs the question… Why and how do we get cellulite?

Cellulite is commonly described as the dimply and uneven looking skin that is usually noticeable around the back of the thighs. It sometimes can look a bit like cottage-cheese, and most ladies deem it unpleasant. Although cellulite is a normal occurrence and is expected with age, it can be detrimental to our self-confidence in most cases.

Over time, an uneven surface of skin can be formed. This is caused when the skin sinks downwards to deeper tissues that are found between fat cells in the body. These same fat cells gather in a single area and push up against the surface of your skin, which causes a bumpy-like appearance.

Cellulite does not, however, discriminate body types. For instance, you may be overweight, underweight or have an athletic physique, but still find cellulite forming around your buttocks, abdomen and thighs.

Females tend to experience cellulite due to hormonal factors, genetics and naturally aging with time. Despite the fact that most women get cellulite, the uneven bumpy skin seems more prominent in women with more excess weight as they tend to have extra fat cells.

Therefore, we highly recommend our ladies to try out our anti cellulite shorts. This way, you are able to tone your muscles and better the appearance of your cellulite; leaving you feeling more confident in your skin.

Q. How Do Anti Cellulite Shorts Work

Our new anti cellulite shorts were inspired by our other collection of House Of Peach ® Scrunch Bum gym wear. We felt it was necessary to give our new range of gym shorts our go-to special features. This includes our high quality scrunch material that emphasises the curviness of your bum cheeks, and our popular high waist fit to smooth you out and suck you in; all while hiding your cellulite!

These new confidence-booster gym shorts also feature a honeycomb texture, which helps to conceal the bumps of your cellulite and pushes the focus towards your finest assets.

Do your ordinary shorts slide down while you are working out? Then no need to worry, as our new House Of Peach ® anti cellulite shorts prevent this; all thanks to our high elastic waist band feature.

Q. Will They Improve the Look of My Bum?

Of course! We take pride in making sure our anti cellulite shorts are designed in a way that they give your bum a sculpted tighter fit and, therefore, giving it the enhancement you desire. We have stayed committed to ensuring our design lifts your bum, making it appear more bigger so you can #unleashyourpeach to its fullest.

Q. Do They Have A Scrunch in Them?

Yes! Our anti cellulite shorts do have a scrunch fit to them too. They were designed to have a gathered seam, as this gives the illusion of your bum looking bigger with the extra lift to enhance your curves. This scrunch fit feature is complimentary for all body types.

Q. Can I Squat in Them?

Our anti cellulite shorts feature a breathable stretchy material, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident with every squat. No need to fear, House Of Peach ®’s anti-cellulite gym shorts collection has got you covered.

Q. Does Anti Cellulite Mean They Will Get Rid of Cellulite?

No. Our anti-cellulite shorts do not get rid of cellulite, but they are great for hiding the uneven bumps found on the skin. House Of Peach ®’s gym shorts inspire our ladies’ confidence in themselves. We strongly believe our gym wear also motivates ladies to eat healthier and tone up their muscles for even more defined lady curves. By transforming your body in the gym and strengthening your muscles, you can even find your cellulite disappearing a bit.

Q. Are They Popular?

House Of Peach ®’s honeycomb gym shorts are amongst our popular collections, as they feature anti cellulite properties; whilst also providing a comfortable and sculpted-shape fit.

Why Shop At House Of Peach ®?

House Of Peach ® is passionate about supplying customers with great quality scrunch fit shorts, leggings and a large range of gym wear. We are also proud of our amazing customer service, as our team is always ready to help and answer any questions you may have.

We offer our UK customers super-fast first class delivery and we also accept international orders too. Our anti cellulite shorts sent out to our UK customers will be using a recorded delivery service. This way, customers are able to track their orders in real-time. Please click here to learn more about our shipping and return policy.

Our number one priority at House Of Peach ® is to ensure you feel confident about your body and look absolutely stunning in your new gym wear; all while enjoying your journey into a healthier lifestyle too.

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