Best Cardio for Glutes – Can cardio help build glutes?

Cardio is an important part of any fitness routine. Not only does it help you lose weight and trim off those unwanted lbs, but it also helps boost your cardiovascular health and improve your overall fitness capabilities. But is cardio good for glutes?

cardio for glutes

While cardio exercise may be useful if you’re looking to lose weight and tone your booty, is it the best method for those looking to make bum gains? In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at how cardio can help – or hinder – your booty-building journey. Let’s take a look!

Is cardio good for your glutes?

Yes, some cardio is good for the glutes in the fact that you’ll generally be strengthening the glutes, however,  you’re unlikely to build your glutes without isolation.

Cardio is one of the best ways to sculpt your bum and get that booty you’ve always wanted. Not only does it help with fat loss, but when done correctly, cardio can actually help build glute muscles too. However, it’s important to dose cardio within your workout routine – too much cardio can end up causing your booty to shrink.

Just like any other muscle group in your body, your bum will need regular activation through exercise in order to grow and stay toned. Cardio is a great way to do that since it helps your bum muscles contract, as well as increases blood flow to the area to help the muscles repair and build back stronger.

When you’re doing cardio workouts, you can enhance their effectiveness by making sure you focus on squats, lunges, and other exercises that target your bum. This helps you to really get the most out of your workout, and will help you see those booty gains while also working up a sweat.

To really maximise the results of your cardio exercises, try to add in some weights or resistance bands too. This will give those bum muscles even more of a challenge and help them stay toned for longer.

Which is better, cardio or weight lifting?

When it comes to building a rounder, stronger booty, cardio and weight lifting both have their advantages. For example, weight lifting is great for giving your bum that extra lift and definition, while cardio is useful in toning.

In the end, it really depends on what results you’re looking for. If you want a toned bum with definition and muscle, cardio is a great place to start. If you want to add more lift and definition, weight lifting can be a great way to do it.

Cardio is also important when it comes to your overall fitness levels, not just when it comes to building bum muscles. It can help with overall heart health, as well as increasing your endurance and energy levels. It’s also great for weight loss and burning calories, which is essential if you want to keep your bum toned in the long run.

Best exercises to build your glutes

There are plenty of great bum-building exercises you can do, either with or without weights. Here are some of the best:


Squats are one of the most effective bum-building exercises out there, and they don’t require any equipment either! Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart, then sit back and down into a squat. Make sure to keep your chest up and drive through your heels as you come back up.


Lunges help target bum muscles from different angles, so they’re great for building muscle in each of your three glute muscles. To perform lunges, take a big step forward with one leg and lower your body down until your back knee nearly touches the ground. Push off your front foot to come back up and make sure to switch legs after each rep.

Glute bridges

Glute bridges are great for isolating bum muscles and you don’t need any weights either. Lie flat on your back, bend your knees, and squeeze your bum as you lift your hips off the ground. Hold for a few seconds before releasing back down.

Will cardio make my bum bigger?

Cardio can be a great way to tone and shape your bum, but it’s important to remember that it won’t make your bum bigger. In fact, too much cardio can actually lead to a decrease in muscle size, because when you’re doing a lot of cardio the focus is on burning calories rather than building or strengthening muscles.

Therefore, if your goal is to make your bum bigger and stronger, you should focus on incorporating weight-bearing exercises into your workout routine as this will help target the bum muscles directly. Cardio can then be used in combination with these exercises to help tone and shape the bum.

While cardio is great for bum-building, adding in some resistance will really take your bum workouts to the next level. Resistance bands or weights can help you target bum muscles even further and give them an extra challenge.

Does running make your glutes smaller?

No, running does not make your bum smaller. In fact, running can be a great way to tone and shape the glutes. However, if you are doing too much cardio then your bum may become less toned due to burning off excess calories rather than building or strengthening muscles. Therefore, it is important to combine running with other weight-lifting exercises.

Should you do cardio on glute day?

While there’s no rule against it, we wouldn’t recommend that you do cardio on glute day. Glute day should be focused solely on bum-building exercises such as squats, lunges, hip thrusts, and bridges in order to effectively target your glute muscles and build strength. Cardio can then be done on other days of the week in combination with leg workouts, for added toning and shaping benefits.

How often should you do cardio to grow glutes?

The amount of cardio you should do to grow your bum muscles will depend on your individual goals and needs. Generally speaking, we’d recommend that you do 1-2 days a week of light cardio: this will help build your fitness capabilities while reserving the rest of your week for muscle-building exercises.


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