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Can I train glutes every day?

It’s hard to avoid the peach nowadays! Celebrities and Instagram influencers who champion a voluptuous booty have taken the world by storm and inspired women everywhere. The key to their fantastic results is dedication and a whole lot of technical knowledge on how to safely maximise their booty. It’s our passion here at House Of Peach ® to help you achieve your booty goals,so we thought we’d offer some advice on whether or not you should train glutes every day.

How often should I train glutes

In short, every day of the week is probably too much but if you’re driven to invest the time to achieve that perfect booty don’t worry! you probably need those frequent glute sessions.  Glute muscles are one of the lesser-used muscle groups in the body, so you should train them at every opportunity. Other muscles in the body are worked far more frequently in every-day life but other than the gluteus maximus, the glute muscles can go underused and undertrained. Your hip flexors are tightened by prolonged periods of sitting down, so if you work in an office and drive to work, frequent glute exercise is essential. Working these muscles won’t just help you achieve booty goals, it can prevent pain in the knees and the lower back. 

The advice to beginners is to have one or two strength training sessions a week whilst getting used to the movement and soreness, moving onto more advanced workout programs when you’re ready. Once there, two or three sessions a week is optimum for glute strength without overtraining. The key is to know your own body and work your glutes when the muscles have recovered from the last session, failing to allow your body enough time to rest will cause growth to plateau, or even regress. The amount of time you need to allow your body to rest and recover is determined by a number of factors, such as exercise type, glute training experience, and a number of lifestyle factors (which we’ll discuss later in the article). Using exercises of different intensities and training the supporting muscles around the area is essential when frequently training glutes.

If you really want to maximise your glutes, you have to target them and hone them. Quality sessions between two and six times a week are essential to building that perfect booty. The key is to monitor glute strength at the end of each workout and to safely plan out your varied exercise routine.

Can I train glutes too often?

Whilst overtraining your glutes is possible, inadequate rest and recovery is a more frequent problem. A rule of thumb to go by is that you can never have too much recovery! Allowing yourself sufficient time to recover is as important as the exercise, and different exercises and muscles have different recovery time. For example, the heavier compound lifting sessions will require two to three days of rest a week for your muscles to recover from the previous session. The key here again is knowing your body, learning from your experience. If you notice a significant drop off in strength, allow yourself more time to rest. If you don’t give yourself the recovery time, your growth will reach a point of diminishment.

Another important factor is making sure you maintain exercise on the muscle groups around your glutes. Training your glutes without training the muscles at the front and back of your hip can shift your joints out of alignment. Equally as important is stretching, as overtrained glutes can cause extreme levels of tightness.

How can I safely train glutes frequently?

If your goal is to build and maintain a jaw-dropping booty, then you’ve got to put the work in! Focus on your glutes, make sure you activate the muscles properly and get the most quality out of each training session. Make sure you shake up your routine; don’t train glutes the same way every day, vary your load and exercise type. To support your booty you must train your core and legs, work your abs and back and stretch properly after exercise to prevent tightness in the lower back. If you want to maximise your glute training sessions, plan a schedule with a variety of different intensity exercises. This way you can augment your heavier compound sessions with lighter exercises whilst maintaining optimum recovery. Two glute dominant training sessions a week is ideal, coupled with low intensity workouts and exercises with bands that can be restorative.  When you are doing your glute sessions, go for exercises with moderate to high reps with mid to low volume. 

Good ways to help yourself recover from an intense training schedule include foam rolling, massage, ice baths and relaxing walks after exercise. As important as your training schedule is the lifestyle factors we briefly touched on before. You must allow yourself 7 hours of sleep a night minimum, producing hormones that aid in the repair of damaged muscles. Try managing that stress as well! A tough day at the office can really hold back your booty goals, so finding ways of channelling the stress is absolutely essential to maximise your gains.

So the good news is, you probably don’t have to worry about over training your glutes, and all the work you’re doing is essential. Training every day of the week is okay, as long as you structure it so your muscles can recover. Training glutes between two and six times a week is optimal. It’s important to give yourself the rest and recovery time you need. Some of the techniques discussed here will help you make the most out of your rest time and give those muscles the break they need. Make sure you are activating your muscles, exercising correctly and varying the load and exercise type. Push yourself to achieve your goals but listen to your body along the way.


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