Can you lose weight but keep your bum?

Is there anything more irritating than starting your weight loss journey, getting motivated and putting the work in - only for your boobs and your bum to start disappearing first? We didn’t sign up for this! Is it possible to lose weight but keep your bum?

how to lose weight but keep your butt

Unfortunately, there is no way to spot-reduce fat without resorting to surgical solutions, so if you’re embarking on a significant weight loss journey, it’s normal that you’re going to lose at least *some* of your curves. If you’re looking to keep your boobs, there’s not much you can do as the breasts are almost all fat.

However, if you’re looking for that teeny-waist-round-bum look, you can still achieve this even during a significant weight loss programme. The bum muscle – the glute – is the most powerful muscle in the body, and with certain exercises you can build and shape your glute muscles whilst creating a calorie deficit to trim your waist.

How to lose weight without losing curves

It is not impossible to lose weight, tone up and not lose all of your curves. Curves are what make up your shape in general: your legs, your bum, your waist – and all of these areas of your body can be trained with weights and various exercises. When it comes to keeping your curves and your bum, the important thing is to go slowly with your weight loss.

You might want to lose weight at the fastest possible rate, but this isn’t going to serve your shape in the long run. If you lose weight too fast, muscle will be lost too, and it is muscle which will be essential in helping to keep, shape and improve your bum (and overall shape) during weight loss.

When it comes to keeping your bum during weight loss, the two most important things will be 1. strength training and 2. burning belly fat. When you burn belly fat, you create a trim, slender waist, which gives your bum a fuller, rounder look.

How to lose fat but keep your curves

1. Create a calorie deficit

If you’re embarking on a diet in order to lose fat, the easiest way to do this is to create a calorie deficit. Whilst exercise certainly plays an important role in weight loss, you can’t out-exercise a truly bad diet. Safely xut back on calories and try to prioritise healthier foods and whole foods such as fresh meat and poultry, fruits and vegetables, whole grains such as brown rice, wheat bread and pasta, as well as various legumes and complex carbohydrates. The belly is a common area for fat to gather, so a calorie deficit should help boost your regime and programme and help create that trimmer, slimmer waist we’re looking for.glute foods

2. How to lose fat but keep your bum: Don’t go extreme

When it comes to keeping your curves, it’s important to not go extreme: either in terms of speed or in terms of your calorie intake. Don’t embark on a completely extreme diet: allow yourself small pleasures and treats from time to time, as this will keep you from going on a junk food binge if you have an off day. (We’ve all been there).

Try to stick within your calorie deficit as much as you can, and simply prioritise the healthiest foods when you have the chance. This calorie deficit will be the base for your weight loss and will allow you to keep losing fat without depending on a strict cardio regime. This is important when it comes to keeping your curves, as a strength-based exercise regime is the best way to keep your glute muscles and not lose weight too quickly. If you lose weight too quickly, your body will begin to consume muscle, which can leave you with a flatter, less toned bum which you then have to build from scratch.

3. How to keep your bum during weight loss: Strength Training

When it comes to keeping your bum in top condition during a weight loss programme, strength training is your new best friend. By working on your glutes with varying weights, you build the muscle and in turn give yourself a round, fuller, perky bum to go along with your new slimmer figure! It’s a win-win, right? It gets even better – not only does strength-training help build the muscles in your bum and give you a shapely rear, strength training in general also increases your resting metabolism.

Your metabolism determines how quickly or slowly you lose weight, and how quickly or easily you gain weight. The more muscle you build, the higher your resting metabolism, and the higher your resting metabolism, the easier it is to eat normally without gaining weight. Perfect, right?

Best Glute Exercises for keeping your bum during weight loss:

The best glute exercises for keeping your bum during weight loss are exercises that help isolate the glutes. Whilst it’s important to incorporate traditional moves – such as squats and lunges – into your routine, make sure to also focus on moves which isolate and build the glutes without adding unwanted mass elsewhere. The best exercises for isolating the glute muscle are moves such as glute bridges (for a beginner) and hip thrusts (for a more advanced-level gym goer.)

Glute Bridges

A glute bridge is an exercise move often used in yoga to work the glute muscles, hamstrings, and core. Whilst it targets many muscles, the glute bridge is fantastic for growing your bum, as the move hits all three glute muscles (gluteus maximus, medius and minimus). When done correctly, the move can also completely isolate the glute muscles, allowing you to grow your bum without adding unnecessary mass to your thighs and hamstrings. Read more about glute bridges here.

Hip Thrusts

Hip thrusts isolate your glutes and give your booty that lifted look that some pay thousands to achieve in surgery! Get your butt lift the natural way, by adding weighted hip extensions to your lower body workout. The hip thrust fires all the muscles in the glutes using a bench and a barbell, and can help you build a strong, bigger round bum even faster than squats. To read more about incorporating hip thrusts and glute bridges into your workout, read our guide here (hip thrust vs glute bridges).


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