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How much does a home gym cost?

Here we will cover how much a home gym costs in 2020 for each budget, whether you can only afford a few small items to a fully functioning gym from inside your home.

Let’s get into it.

Smallest budget (£100)

For £100 you can buy an exercise bike (£79.99) and a pull-up bar (£16.99) this will help you with keeping up your overall fitness and allowing you toallowing to keep a simple exercise routine at a low price and accessible budget.  

Pull-up bar:

Exercise bike:


Pull-ups are a very useful exercise to do as they have many benefits, such as, they can help to strengthen your back muscles, including your upper back muscles and the muscles that run along your spine.  

Pull-ups will also help you to gain and maintain muscle in your arms and shoulders. For you to get the best results you should do pull-ups two to three times a week.

Exercise bike

Exercise bikes are great as they can help improve your cardiovascular fitness which is very important to stay fit and healthy.

One benefit of using an exercise bike is that they are low-impact, which means that they use smooth movements to strengthen bones and joints without applying much pressure on them. This means that if you have any injuries or problems with your joints, an exercise bike can be a useful workout for you.

The exercise bike can allow you to interchange with running as they both provide you with an effective and challenging workout, but with running, your joints, such as ankles, knees, and hips can come under pressure and could potentially cause injury.

£250 budget

For just under £250, you can buy two adjustable dumbbells (2.5kg up to 12.5kg) at £59.99 each. As well as this, you can also buy an adjustable weight bench which allows you to do a full-body workout.

Adjustable dumbbells:

Adjustable weight bench:

Benefits of having adjustable dumbbells

There are many benefits to having adjustable dumbbells, one is that dumbbells can allow you to have a much more natural motion, which means that you get a higher range of motion. A study has shown that doing a dumbbell shoulder press is better than doing a barbell overhead press for getting to the shoulders.

Another advantage of adjustable dumbbells is that they are small so they can easily be stored away when you’ve finished using them.

The fact that they are adjustable is also seen as a big advantage as that means that you don’t need to buy lots of different dumbbells you can just swap over the weights that you have.     

Benefits of having an adjustable weight bench

One of the biggest benefits to having an adjustable weight bench is its versatility in that you don’t have to just use them for lifting weights, you can use them for other exercises such as push-ups and core exercises.

Adjust weight benches allow you to reach a range of different workout angles and get to different muscles. A weight bench can provide you with stability, as well as keeping your posture straight, which then strengthens your lower back muscles and improvesving your core strength all while training.

Much like the adjustable dumbbells, the adjustable weight bench is also easily storable due to the fact it’s foldable, which means that when it’s folded it can be stored out of the way even into a small space.    

£500 budget

For just under £500 you can buy a folding treadmill at £259.99, a power rig pulley at £79.99, a workout bench for £69.99, a set of dumbbells for £27.99, and a 40mm thickness yoga mat for £27.99. This all gives you a fully functioning home gym for a reasonable price.

Opti folding treadmill:

Power rig pulley:

Opti butterfly workout bench:

Opti cast iron dumbbell set – 15kg:

Opti 40mm thickness yoga exercise mat:

Foldable treadmill

Much like the exercise bike, treadmills can also help to prevent injury as the running surface on them is padded which means that it doesn’t put any stress on your joints. As well as this, there are no potential trip hazards that you might encounter unlike running.

With a foldable treadmill, it comes in handy for a home gym as when you are finished using it, it can easily be stored away, which means that you don’t necessarily need lots of available space to use one.

Power rig pulley

One big benefit of using a pulley machine is that they are safer to use than other exercises, such as bench press and shoulder press as there isn’t the possibility of you dropping the weight on yourself whilst exercising, which there is with the other two.


Yoga can offer you lots of different benefits such as increased flexibility, improved muscle strength, and tone, improved athletic performance, injury prevention. There are even mental benefits as well as just physical ones, as it can help to relieve stress, create calmness and mental clarity, and helps to improve concentration. All of which might help you especially during these difficult times.

Your gym

A home gym can be anything you want it to be, from one piece of equipment to 100, you can personalise it any way that you want. Once you’ve got your very own fully functioning gym from inside your home you’ll never have to wait around for a piece of equipment ever again. Oh and don’t forget to look the part too! Check out our latest products:

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