How to Get a Rounder Bum at the Sides

If you’re wondering how to get a rounder bum at the sides, it’s all about picking the right exercises. The glutes are made up of three key muscles: the gluteus medius, the gluteus minimus and the gluteus Maximus.

how to get rounder glutes at the side

The key to getting a rounder bum at the sides is to target the gluteus medius, which is the muscle in charge of the side part of the glutes. 

That being said, targeting all three of the glute muscles with different types of exercises will ensure that you don’t develop square-shaped glutes. In this article, we’re going to go over some of the best ways to develop round-side glutes, and some general glute-building tips

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What is the gluteus medius?

The gluteus medius is the muscle (or rather, two muscles) at each side of the buttocks, sitting slightly lower than the hips. It’s the gluteus medius that needs to be kicked into gear if you’re looking to form and shape your “side bum” – the parts of your bum that connect your backside to your hips and thighs. Incorporating an exercise routine that targets the gluteus medius into your fitness regime is a great idea if you’re looking to strengthen your glutes, create great curves, and overall aim for a sexier, fuller, and rounder bum.

Will working the gluteus medius make my butt rounder at the sides?

Working the gluteus medius will give your bum more of a curvy, shapely form: it won’t be able to completely make your bum round (that isn’t possible, only in surgery) but it will be able to add some dimension to your glutes, giving the impression that you have a rounder bum and more curvaceous figure.

Why is it important to work the ‘side glutes’?

Working the gluteus medius is important because it can prevent you from developing square glutes: square glutes are often the consequence of focusing too much on the gluteus maximus (the largest glute muscle) while ignoring the smaller, side muscles. The side muscles add an aesthetic dimension to the glutes, not to mention they also work to support the body along with the gluteus maximus.

Best Exercises for the Gluteus Medius:

So, if you’re wondering how to get a rounder bum at the sides, we’ve laid out some helpful exercise moves to kick your glutes into gear! These moves will engage your gluteus medius and are great to add to any lower body workout for a rounder, shapelier, and curvy backside:

Clam Shell

Clam shells are moderately easy to perform and work the gluteus medius. You’ll certainly feel this exercise burn when you first try it out, but that burn means it’s working! Here’s how to do a clam shell:

  1. Lie on your side with your legs stacked on top of one another and your knees bent
  2. As you’re resting your head on your arm, ensure that your hip bones are stacked
  3. With your feet together, raise your upper knee, keeping your hips and pelvis in place
  4. Repeat this movement, going as high as you can and repeating for up to 30 repetitions to begin with.

Clam Shell:

Difficulty Level: 2/5
Equipment Needed: Just a yoga mat

How many repetitions? 20-30 to begin with

Fire Hydrant

Fire hydrants are great for working the gluteus medius, but don’t underestimate the power of a fire hydrant in working the rest of the body, too! Being on your hands and knees will mean that your core is engaged too, along with your arms and legs. Here’s how to do a fire hydrant:

  1. Get on all fours, using a yoga mat to cushion the impact of the hard floor on your knees
  2. Keeping to a 45-degree angle, raise your leg away from your body
  3. Repeat the movement as many times as feels comfortable for your body
  4. You can add resistance bands if you want to give your fire hydrants more oomph

Difficulty Level: 2/5
Equipment Needed: Just a yoga mat

How many repetitions? 30-40 is ideal for a heavy burn, less (10-20) if it’s too difficult. Try to repeat your repetitions twice or three times during your workout.

Side Leg Lift

We all know how annoying it is when our exercise routines are full of complicated, unattainable exercise moves that feel impossible to carry out at our fitness level. Fret no more, because side leg lifts are a great way to burn your side bum and get the round bum of your dreams! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Lay on your side on a yoga mat, with your head resting against your hand, supported by your elbow
  2. Stack your hips and your legs
  3. Slowly lift the upper leg to the ceiling, before returning it
  4. Repeat as much as feels comfortable, ideally at the beginning or end of the workout

Difficulty Level: 0/5
Equipment Needed: Just a yoga mat

How many repetitions? 30+ – these are great to tag onto the end or beginning of a gluteus medius workout

In and Out Squat

To add a bit of cardio into your gluteus medius routine, a set of in and out squats can up your calorie burn. In and out squats are easy in theory, but difficult in practice if your fitness level isn’t where you’d like it to be:

  1. Grab some weighted resistance, or jump straight into the exercise if you’re a beginner
  2. Begin by performing a normal squat, but as you lift yourself back up, transition into a sumo squat with your legs apart, before returning to a normal squat position once again
  3. Repeat this around 10-15 times. Beginners don’t need to add in any jump or resistance, although this exercise will yield much better results when combined with weighted or band resistance

Difficulty Level: 4/5
Equipment Needed: Weighted resistance or resistance bands

How many repetitions? 10-15 to begin with. You can do several rounds in a varied workout routine alongside other lower body workouts.

Done correctly, these movements into your glute workouts will set you on the way to getting a rounder bum at the sides.


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