Is running on a treadmill the same as running outside?

As the evenings get colder and the nights draw in, you might be thinking about switching up your outdoor run with a run on a treadmill - but is running on a treadmill the same as running outside?

Is running on a treadmill the same as running outside?

In this guide, we’re going to look at how treadmill running can be just as – or even more – effective than an outdoor run, and how you can use a treadmill to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals in an efficient, more convenient way. Let’s take a look!

Is running on a treadmill the same as running outside?

Well, the answer is both yes and no. While running on a treadmill replicates the physical activity of outdoor running almost exactly, there are a few key differences between these two running methods. Here’s where things differ:


One major difference between running on a treadmill and running outside is the terrain. When running outdoors, you’re presented with different terrains such as hills, dirt roads and gravel. On a treadmill, the terrain is completely flat and consistent. This can make running more difficult outdoors because you have to use more energy to overcome the different terrains. However, this can easily be overcome by making use of the treadmill’s adjustable incline and speed settings.

Visual stimulation

Another difference between running on a treadmill and outside is the environment. Running outside offers various sights and sounds that can be distracting and help take your mind off the actual running. On a treadmill, all you have to look at is the wall in front of you which can be mentally draining after a while.

Adverse weather

The last major difference between running on a treadmill and outside is weather conditions. This can be an issue if you live in an area with extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Running outdoors in these conditions can be dangerous, whereas running on a treadmill provides a safe and consistent environment no matter the time of year.

Benefits of running on a treadmill

Running on a treadmill is an excellent way to get in a good workout without the inconvenience and trouble of going for an outdoor run, especially in adverse weather. Here are just a few benefits of running on a treadmill:


One of the greatest advantages of running on a treadmill is the convenience factor. You can easily set up the machine in your own home or office, meaning you don’t have to travel to a gym in order to get your workout in. Plus, you can always adjust the speed and incline settings to suit your specific needs, enabling you to customise your workouts for maximum results.


Running on a treadmill is also much safer than running outside, as the machine itself prevents any slips or falls from occurring during your run. In addition, many modern treadmills come equipped with emergency shutdown switches, providing a quick and easy way to stop the treadmill should an emergency arise.

Adjustable speed and incline settings

When running on a treadmill, you can adjust the speed and incline settings as needed in order to challenge yourself, or make your workout easier. For example, if you’re looking for a more intense workout, you can increase the speed and incline to really get your heart pumping. The adjustable settings help a treadmill rival outdoor running; while an outdoor setting provides uneven terrain, you can create your own uphill run at the click of a button.

Access to programs

Most modern treadmills come equipped with different programs that you can choose from to make your workouts more interesting and varied. These programs often offer pre-set routines, such as interval training, hill climbing, and more. This added variety can make your workouts more enjoyable and help you stay motivated.

Track progress

Many treadmills also come with tracking devices that allow you to track your progress over time, and this makes it easy to see how far you’ve come, as well as identify any areas where you need to improve. Certain machines may also offer you access to important data, such as how many miles you’ve run or how many calories you’ve burnt. This can be great if you’re looking to lose weight and track your metrics in an efficient way.

Watch TV or listen to music

Many treadmills come with built-in TVs or speakers, allowing you to watch your favourite shows or listen to music while running. This can make your workouts more enjoyable and help keep you motivated, especially as there’s less visual stimulation than an outdoor run.


Finally, running on a treadmill is far less expensive than joining a gym and paying for classes or equipment rentals. Treadmills can range in price from a few hundred pounds for basic models to several thousand for high-end machines, but you’ll save money in the long run since you won’t need to pay gym fees or other related costs.

Running on a treadmill vs. running outdoors: which is better?

Running on a treadmill and running outside both offer their own unique benefits when it comes to your fitness goals – but which is better?

While running outside can be more varied and challenging due to the terrain, it’s not always practical or possible for everyone. On the other hand, running on a treadmill offers convenience, safety, adjustable speed and incline settings, as well as access to programs and other features, such as fitness-tracking metrics. Whether you choose to run outside or on a treadmill is really down to your own personal preferences – or perhaps even the season.

Does running on a treadmill help to lose weight?

Yes! Running on a treadmill can be an excellent way to lose weight and finally shed those lbs. Due to the adjustable speed and incline settings, you can design your workouts to suit your specific needs and goals, making it easier for you to stay motivated and reach your desired results.

As mentioned above, many modern treadmills also come with built-in tracking devices that allow you to monitor your calories burnt, miles run, and other interesting metrics about your workout – this can help you to achieve your weight loss goals faster and more efficiently.


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