Treadmill incline for glutes: can a treadmill build your booty?

If you want strong, round, and bigger glutes, you’re probably already performing several lower body workouts a week. If you’re in the gym, you may have wondered whether the various exercise machines, such as the classic treadmill, might do wonders for your glutes and require less effort on your part. But can treadmill incline build your glutes?

Treadmill incline for glutes: can a treadmill build your booty?

Not so fast! While using a treadmill might be easier than crafting a 10-step bodyweight strength workout, it’s far from easy. In fact, using an incline treadmill for glutes can be a great – if sweaty – way to boost your booty gains and burn fat. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at how the incline feature on a treadmill can help you achieve your bum goals in the gym – and why you still need weight training if you want to perform a comprehensive glute workout.

Let’s get started!

What does ‘incline’ mean on a treadmill?

‘Incline’ means that you can increase the angle of the treadmill’s belt, creating a more challenging workout. Walking or running at an incline changes the muscle emphasis of your lower body workout, meaning it can help build and tone your bum muscles. It’s a bit like the difference between walking up a hill and walking on a flat surface – it makes your entire lower body work harder!

Benefits of using incline on a treadmill

So, how can your booty benefit from using the incline feature on a treadmill? Here are just a few ways it can be helpful for your bum gains:

Improved cardio performance

When walking or running at an incline, your heart rate increases, resulting in improved cardio fitness. This makes it easier for you to workout longer and harder in the gym, while also improving blood flow to your lower body.

Burn more calories

An uphill workout will help you to burn calories faster and long-term calorie burning. If you need to shed some lbs, the incline feature will fire up your calorie burn and help you shift unwanted fat. And don’t forget that losing weight also helps your bum look bigger! With a smaller waist and more slender thighs, your booty is sure to pop even more.

Build strength and endurance

Walking or running at an incline will increase the intensity of your workout, leading to increased strength and endurance. While it won’t build actual muscle in the same way that weight-lifting can, it’s going to improve your overall fitness capabilities, which will in turn be helpful in the gym.

Shapelier glutes

Can a treadmill build your glutes? Yes it can. One of the key benefits of an incline treadmill is that it helps you to tone and shape your glute muscles. As previously mentioned, the incline challenges your bum muscles more than walking on a flat surface and will help you to build strength in this area. With regular cardio sessions at an incline, you can build a shapelier bum over time.

How to use a treadmill’s incline to shape your glutes

If it’s your first time using a treadmill incline, here’s what we’d recommend using this machine to shape and tone your glutes:

Get warmed up

Before you begin to use the incline on your treadmill, make sure that you warm up for at least five minutes. This will get your body ready and help reduce any risk of injury. Once you’re warmed up, adjust the incline to a comfortable level – if it’s too steep, it may cause discomfort in your bum muscles.

Maintain form and speed

When walking or running on an incline, it’s important to maintain good posture and keep a steady pace. Avoid sudden changes in speed, as this can put too much pressure on the bum muscles, leading to injury. Focus on keeping your body upright and maintaining fluid movements.

Increase your incline gradually

As you become more comfortable with the incline, you can start to increase it gradually over time. Start small and go up in increments of one or two degrees, allowing your bum muscles to adjust to the new intensity of your workout. Keep increasing the incline until you feel that it’s challenging enough for you.

Vary your workouts

To keep your bum muscles engaged, it’s a good idea to switch up your workout every few weeks. Instead of simply changing the incline, try running or walking backwards on an incline or adding in some high-knee exercises. This will help your bum muscles work in different ways and keep your bum toned and strong.

Cool down

It’s important to cool down after every workout, regardless of what kind of exercise you’re doing. This will help your bum muscles recover and reduce any soreness or stiffness the next day. Take some time to stretch out your bum muscles after each session – this will help them to become stronger and more toned over time.

Overall, using the incline on your treadmill can be a great way to target your bum muscles and build strength. Incorporate it into your regular fitness routine and you should start to see results soon! Just remember to warm up and cool down properly, as well as vary your workouts regularly.

Why you still need weight training for bigger glutes

While it’s true that incorporating an incline into your treadmill workouts can be a great way to tone and shape your bum muscles, it’s not enough on its own if you’re looking to add muscle mass. If you’re looking for bigger glutes, then it’s important to add some weight training too. Weight-lifting is the best way to build actual muscle mass in the bum area and will help you create a rounder, shapelier booty.

You can incorporate some of the following dynamic exercises into your workout for muscle-building and booty-growing benefits:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Donkey kicks
  • Clamshells
  • Step ups
  • Hip thrusts
  • Glute bridges
  • Single leg lifts
  • Romanian deadlifts
  • Wide squats
  • Skater squats

Make sure to work at your own pace, and only life according to your own fitness and strength capacities. Combine these exercises with a few sessions a week on an incline treadmill, and your booty will thank you for it!


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