Leggings Subscription Boxes – NOW TAKING REGISTRATIONS

Our leggings subscription service is coming soon. You can register your interest below:

  • Get our leggings at a discounted price
  • A new pair delivered every month 
  • Choose from ANY of our styles

How about a monthly leggings subscription to brighten your day?

Do you have a Netflix account? If you do, you know the benefits of having something you can enjoy for a small fee each month. It may not have occurred to you before, but a leggings subscription can be so much better than paying for streaming services – seriously! Opening your mail and finding a brand new pair of leggings in a range of colours and styles? If you’re leggings addicts like we are – there is nothing better! It’s a gift to you, from you, and you deserve to treat yourself for a change! With brand new leggings shipped straight to your front door, you can build a collection of House of Peach leggings that require you to sign up just once.

The best bit? You can feel confident and comfortable every time you wear one of your new pairs of leggings. Every woman deserves to feel good about her body and at House of Peach, that’s exactly what we aim for you to feel! We have the best of the best in high quality and affordable leggings that don’t leave you with embarrassing see-through moments in the gym. Whether you are looking to run, stretch or simply veg out with a pizza, all of our leggings are rigorously tested for your comfort to be guaranteed. You won’t have to choose your leggings either, as our experts will send you an exciting pattern for each month you receive your leggings subscription. We believe that we offer the best, and we’re not ashamed to prove it!

How It Works

Are you ready to get your brand new leggings?

Signing Up

It’s easy to sign up with House of Peach and the process of getting your leggings subscription underway is as follows:

  • Give Us Your Size

Your leggings size is unique to you, and you get to choose your size so that we can find the very best leggings for your body type. 

  • Pick Your Payment Type

At House of Peach, we offer a wide range of options to make your leggings easy to receive. You can choose from a number of different payment types and whether you want to pay for the whole year up front or you pay as you go each month, you get the choice. 

  • Receive Your Leggings!

See how easy that was? The very last thing to do is to receive a monthly package of leggings that has been shipped directly to you!

Leggings at House of Peach

At House of Peach, we believe that the best thing that you could do is learn about our sensational range of leggings. 

The Ombre

You want your booty to be an instant peach, and our ombre range of leggings come in different shades that accentuate your bottom and make it look like a peach – exactly what you want while you work out! All you get is the highest quality fabrics with our ombre range and with waist-slimming technology, you will emphasize those curves you’ve worked so hard for! View our ombre gym leggings here.

The Anti-Cellulite

Look, ladies, cellulite is normal and it’s a perfectly beautiful part of your body – you know that. The thing is, you won’t always feel awesomely confident about it and that’s okay, too. At House of Peach, we put your confidence above anything else, which is why we offer leggings that will smooth out your cellulite and allow you to focus on bringing that booty back to its best without distraction. Unleashing your peach in our anti-cellulite range is far simpler when you can work on squatting and not worry! View our anticellulite leggings here.

The Scrunch-Bum

Updating your leggings with our scrunch bum range is the best thing you could do and they can come as a part of our leggings subscription. The scrunch effect is so popular with bum shaping leggings, and they’ll boost your bottom beauty in an instant. Choosing this range is a gamechanger in your workouts and you’ll feel instantly confident when you wear them, too! View our scrunch bum leggings here.

The Camo

You can instantly revamp your look in the gym when you switch to our camo range of leggings. They’re perfect in the gym and even if you want to wear them for your chillout time post-workout, they’re good to go! Our camo leggings are beautiful and it’ll be a good month when you receive them! View our camo gym leggings here.

The Pattern

Who wants to wear just plain black leggings? Our leggings subscription box can include leggings in stunning patterns, from circles to stripes, to abstract colours, you can receive a beautiful pair of patterned leggings from House of Peach. Who knows what colour you’ll get, too!

The Leopard

Is there anything more fierce than a leopard print pattern? Our leopard print leggings are stunning and will give you an instant confidence in the gym or during your run. That low growl? That’s the sound that comes from your reflection when you admire your new leopard print leggings! View our leopard print leggings here.

The Pastel

Who needs bright and bold when you can embody soft and beautiful with our pastel leggings range? The months that bring your pastels are the months that give you something stunning to wear in the gym, making your peach look great! View our pastel leggings here.

A Peachy Gift

At the House of Peach, we’re strong believers in spreading the love. If you want to make sure that your friends and family know you love them, say it with leggings subscriptions! There’s nothing better than giving someone you love a year’s worth of looking great, so boost their booty with a leggings subscription from House of Peach today!

About House Of Peach

The one true purpose of House of Peach is to make your body look great and make you feel confident at the same time. You deserve to feel comfortable in your skin, and from our range of leggings and our body sculpting products, you will feel as if your peach has been unleashed! You deserve to look and feel good, and we’ve got stunning leggings that will help you to achieve it. Choose fierce today with House of Peach.


I’m Chloe – a body confidence writer here at House of Peach! I help women to feel fabulous in the body they’re in and feel amazing in gym wear – regardless of their body shape and type. Unleash Your Peach.

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