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Non Surgical Bum lift cost – How much is it?

Non-invasive cosmetic enhancements are becoming more and more popular and, understandably, becoming a preferred method to going under the knife. Non-surgical bum lift costs vary from type to type however, you’ll be expected to pay from £99 to £2,500 depending on the number of ‘sessions’ or ‘areas’ you cover.

There are constantly new non-invasive procedures being invented and trialled from nose jobs to liposuctions you can have it all without any incisions being made and very minimal recovery.

At House Of Peach ® we have a huge interest in one particular area of the body, and you guessed it, in this post we are, of course, looking at non-surgical bum lifting treatments and how much it will cost you to get one of these innovative treatments.

Celebrities all over the UK are going crazy for non-invasive bum lifting treatments, everyone from Katie Price to Bianca Gascoigne are flocking in to get their butts on the latest surgery free butt lifts. The attraction comes from amazing first session results and absolutely no recovery time is needed, so you can see why celebrities are crazy about them.

There are a few types of bum lifts and of course, the price varies depending on the scale of results and the number of sessions needed. Let’s look at the different types and the different prices we have found…


This is the celebrity favourite and this treatment is available for the entire body, however, the Lipofirm Pro treatment is renowned for it’s butt boosting results. This is famously loved by Katie Price who said she was amazed by the results from her first session. The price starts at £125 per area for one session, however, the recommended amount of sessions for best results is 8 sessions, retailing at around £800 per area.

You can find more info at


Professing to reduce cellulite, tighten skin and contour the buttocks it is no wonder why the non-surgical Brazilian bum lift is another well known, loved and preferred treatment to the traditional surgical version that takes at least 3 weeks to recover from. Prices start at £99 and go up to £249 for three sessions.

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One of the most expensive non-invasive butt lifting treatments I have found is the Ultherapy butt lift that promises up to 1cm lifting power in less than an hour. The lunch break butt lift has been featured on This Morning, and the results speak for themselves and for the price. Starting at £2,500 this procedure shows instant results in the first session, but should you want continuing, maximum results, you can contact the clinic for more info on pricing at

There you have it, non-invasive butt lifting can go from being extremely affordable to a small investment. The surgery free butt lifts are great for those looking for a more natural, subtle approach to enhancement and you can see pain free results in as little as an hour. Great results, no potential risks of infection or clotting, minimal to no recovery time, constant development of the treatment to enhance its results, and all for a fraction of the surgical price.



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