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The #bodygoals survey 2019 results

Welcome to the first year of our annual Bodygoals Survey. We were eager to learn more about body goals amongst women in the UK and in aid of National Fitness Day (25th of September) we undertook a customer survey which received hundreds of responses, each giving further insight into what motivates the UK’s body goals in 2019. Read our summary below or jump to the results below here.

Don’t have time to read? See the main findings here:

  • Respondents overwhelmingly informed us that their primary focus in the gym is to work on their Glutes, showing that getting (and maintaining) a good bum is still a major preoccupation for gym-going Brits.
  • Body confidence is also an area where the UK is flagging, with only 14.8% of people asked saying they were very confident with the way they look.
  • Body confidence also appeared to improve with age. The % of those who were ‘not confident about their bodies at all’ declined with age (23.78% in the 18-24 group, 14.05% in the 25-34 group, 11.76% in the 35-44 group and 10% in the 45-54 group).
  • Far from being distressed by photo-ready social media like Instagram, the majority of respondents said that photographs on social helped motivate them to reach for their goals.
  • However, younger age groups were negatively influenced by social. The vast majority (47.22%) in the 18-24 category said that photos on social media negatively impacted their self-esteem.
  • Our survey respondents weren’t shy about cosmetic surgery or procedures, with the majority (63.5%) saying they would either consider it or had already gone under the knife – and breast augmentation remains the most desirable surgery in 2019 (44%).

The #bodygoals survey unleashed fascinating information about the other reasons why respondents made sure to visit the gym. Mental health benefits were key amongst the reasons people wanted to go to the gym, almost as popular as physical fitness. However, most gym-goers are still seeking the body beautiful, whether in addition to boosting their mood or as their primary motivation.

“This year, we’ve seen a surge in demand for our bum-enhancing products as it seems the UK is still ‘bum crazy’,” says Chloe Plumb, House Of Peach ® managing director. “However, our survey shows that body confidence issues amongst the younger generation has a strong correlation with social media. We found that body confidence improved with age which could be due to the reduced usage of social media amongst older age groups.”


The majority of respondents (39.4%) said training their bum was top of their list

The majority (39.4%) of those survey told us that the area you train the most is glutes. Having a great bum was your most important body goal of 2019!

Firm Glutes (26.2) And A Toned Physique (27.8%) Topped Your List Of Gym Goals

We asked you what your most desirable gym body goal of 2019 was and you told us that it was to grow your glutes and have a toned, all-round physique.

However, we found that body goals change with age

The 18-24 group had a larger percentage of those who don’t work out. Working on a toned physique grew in popularity as age groups progressed (22.02% to 29.84% to 40%).

Only 14.8 Percent Of those surveyed were “Very Confident” About Their Body

Only a small fraction of all the people we surveyed were very confident about their bodies. 85.2% of respondents were either somewhat confident or not confident at all and want to make changes. Body confidence appeared to be the most negative in the youngest age category.

  • We found that body confidence grows with age. The 18-24 group scored the highest in the ‘not’ confident group.
  • The % of those not confident about their bodies at all declined with age (23.78% in the 18-24 group, 14.05% in the 25-34 group, 11.76% in the 35-44 group and 10% in the 45-54 group)



Mental Health (35.6%) Was Almost as popular a reason to train as improving health and fitness 43.6%)

We tend to think about gym attendance as being all about changing the way you look. But many of those we surveyed told us that improving their mental health was a significant driver in their decision-making too. The top answer was to improve how you looked, closely followed by improving your fitness and health.

Photos Of On Social Media – Your biggest motivator?

 Images and fitness profiles on social media we’re the biggest motivator (at 31.6%) (when looking at all age groups), followed by your gym playlist and training partners.

Photos on social were the biggest motivator but divided opinion amongst age groups

There was a clear divide when analysing responses for this question. The majority of survey respondents said that photos on social have a positive effect on thier motivation. However, when broken down by age group:

  • The overwhelming majority (47.22%) in the 18-24 category said that photos on social media negatively impact their self-esteem.
  • The negative impact of social media appeared to lessen with age with the number of those negatively impacted reducing to 26.02% in 25-34 year-olds and 11.43% in 35-44 year-olds.

Most of those surveyed want would consider or Have Had Surgery (63.5%)

Interestingly, the majority of respondents 63.5% would consider surgery, said yes to surgery or had already had procedures.

Breast Augmentation Was The Most Popular Surgery (44%)

Breast Augmentation is still the king of surgeries with 44% of respondents saying they would have a boob job or have had one in the past. This is closely followed by dermal fillers and Rhinoplasty.





I’m Chloe – a body confidence writer here at House of Peach! I help women to feel fabulous in the body they’re in and feel amazing in gym wear – regardless of their body shape and type. Unleash Your Peach.

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