Viral Leggings – The winners of 2021 and predictions for 2022

So, what leggings went viral in 2021, and what kind of leggings should we expect to see in 2022? Keep reading to find out!

viral leggings

Anyone with a Tik Tok account will know that leggings were the big talk of 2021: honeycomb leggings, bum-lift leggings, and scrunch bum leggings all made waves on the popular social media app in the past year – the hashtag #tiktokleggings boasted over 60 million views alone, with over 130 million for #amazonleggings. It’s not hard to see why these leggings are so popular – with booties being celebrated all over popular culture and social media, it’s expected that people want to celebrate clothes that help them show off their hard-earned peach!

So, what leggings went viral in 2021, and what kind of leggings should we expect to see in 2022? Keep reading to find out!

What were the most popular leggings in 2021?

Honeycomb Leggings

Honeycomb leggings were undoubtedly one of the most talked-about viral Tik Tok trends of 2021! These leggings became instantly iconic on the app, as users saw how the leggings helped lift the glutes and turn even the flattest of pancake booties into a round, full peach!

In addition, these leggings help contour the body, with the textured design adding volume and mass to the glutes and thighs. Finally, these leggings’ thick, V-shaped waistband helps flatten the belly and create a round, peachy bum and teeny waist. Perfect for the gym or a Saturday morning coffee with friends, get your hands on a pair of honeycomb leggings here.

Scrunch bum leggings

Scrunch bum leggings were another viral hit on social media in 2021, and it’s not hard to see why! These leggings have a ruched, “scrunch” feature around the buttocks, which gives the appearance of a plumper, wider, and fuller-looking bum. Combined with the textured pattern typical of these leggings, anyone could go from 0 to 100!

These leggings made for amazing gym selfies, and we’re sure we’ll see a lot more of them in 2022! If you want to snap up a pair of scrunch bum leggings to kick off your 2022 fitness journey in peachy style, shop our collection here.

Aerie leggings

High-waisted leggings have always been around and always been in fashion, but Tik Tok helped take the popular concept to a whole new level in 2021. The famous “aerie” leggings became a popular hit on the app, thanks to their unique criss-cross waistband. The waistband helps bring in the stomach and create a slimmer waist, and the compression of the core makes the booty pop naturally, appearing more lifted and round!

We’re sure these leggings will be sticking around for 2022, so why not look at our collection of high-waisted leggings and treat yourself to a belated Christmas gift?

Fleece-lined leggings

Yes, you heard that right! The latest and last viral legging trend of 2021 was the fleece-lined legging. These leggings appear normal to the unassuming eye but are linked with soft, furry fleece material! These leggings are ideal for keeping cosy during the winter months and perfect for rocking a mini skirt or mini dress during festive parties and nights out.

However, while they make for a fun stocking filler or Secret Santa gift, we can’t see these leggings being ideal for fitness purposes! So I think we’ll stick to our gym contour leggings for gym wear! Great for keeping cosy, though.

What leggings will be making the headlines in 2022?

With leggings clearly remaining a hot topic for social media users, we’re wondering what leggings will become sell-out Tik Tok trendds in the coming year. Here are our predictions:

Corset Leggings

Corset leggings haven’t yet made it fully onto the UK high street, and are primarily available from retailers specialising in corsets and fitness wear. However, we think it’s only a matter of time before corset leggings become the new scrunch bum leggings and the latest viral Tik Tok trend! Corset leggings give you all the benefits of a corset without the complicated fastenings or hefty price tag: the leggings sculpt the body and flatter the figure, giving you a streamlined silhouette that will make your curves pop in the gym.

Corset leggings toe the line perfectly between fashion and fitness: whether you wear them to go to the gym or wear them to a weekday brunch with your friends, they’ll look chic, unique and guarantee that eyes will be on you! So to ensure that you’re ahead of the fashion curve, grab yourself a pair of our corset leggings here – be the first of your friends to try them out!

Ombre, two-tone leggingsombre

We all love a bit of colour in our day-to-day clothing, especially when it’s January and we’re at the gym trying to shift the couple of lbs we put on over the Christmas break.

Two-tone leggings add a splash of brightness to your outfit, but their most lucrative benefit is their booty-boosting powers: these leggings use a two-tone technique to create volume in the upper area of the legs (and bum!) and lighter tones to slim the calves – the result? A peachy, voluptuous booty and slim, toned legs! Ombre two-tone leggings will be a social media hit in the coming year – so bag yourself a pair early from our gorgeous collection.

Contour leggings

Contour leggings will be big in 2022 – do you remember the make-up contour hype of 2014 when Kim K popularised the technique? Contour leggings have all the potential to make the same impact. Contour leggings do precisely as their name suggests: they give you a full-body contour without touching a single make-up brush! Besides, we know what makes Tik Tokkers and social media users go wild: leggings that make the booty pop!

Contour leggings do precisely that: the two-striped lines around the buttocks and along the legs help create a more streamlined, perky appearance: the bum appears fuller, and your thighs appear slimmer. Shop the contour collection leggings here.

Bonus! Gym Jumpsuits

Have you ever attempted a downward dog, only to have your tank top, slowly but surely, roll up your belly? And then have to hold the pose with one hand so you could secure your top in place with the other? (You don’t have to lie, we’ve all had embarrassing moments in the gym.) At least when wearing a gym bodysuit, you don’t have to even think about this kind of inconvenience. You can twist and turn all you want, the suit will stay put.


We’re leggings-obsessed, and we’re sure that you are too! No matter what the trends or social media hype is, we believe that a good pair of bum-boosting leggings is an investment that you can make all year round. Grab yourself a pair of leggings from our gorgeous collection and unleash your peach in 2022!


I’m Chloe – a body confidence writer here at House of Peach! I help women to feel fabulous in the body they’re in and feel amazing in gym wear – regardless of their body shape and type. Unleash Your Peach.

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