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Weight Loss By Walking? Tips And Tricks To Lose Weight WITHOUT the gym

Have you been struggling with weight and looking for ways to tone down? You don’t have to sign up for expensive weight loss programs or use chemical-laden to gain the desired weight and mass. Outlined below are a few tips and tricks on how to burn more calories and lose weight without the need for an expensive gym. Step one – just try walking!

1. Take A Power-Walk Every Day

Walking provides a convenient way to exercise and burn those extra calories. It also helps keep your body in the best shape possible. Make it a habit of walking instead of driving all the way to work. According to research, taking a 30 to 45-minute walk every day, and especially on weekdays, can help you burn the excess calories. You might, however, want to start small with 5 minutes, then increases the time progressively depending on how much your body can handle. Here are a few other ways to make this work:

a. Take a short walk after meals: This will help prevent cravings for more food as well as regulate your blood sugar level.

b. Walk between destinations when running errands. You could choose to park the car a mile or less from the destination.

c. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs instead.

2. Try To Walk A Little Faster

Try increasing your walking speeds whenever possible, to burn more calories. While a leisurely walk may come in handy, upping the intensity a bit will help increase your heart rate and respiration rates. Walking faster than you are used to can help burn more than 20% of the calories you would on a normal walk. Just be sure to maintain a steady pace while taking the power-walks.

Try to include a 30-second burst between walks for even better results. You can start by taking a brisk walk, then make a 30-minute dash, which can then be followed by a slower walk to catch your breath. You will be surprised how energized you will feel the following day.

3. Try Hiking

Hitting the hills helps increase your workout intensity even farther. The best thing about going for the mountains is that, you get to push your body to the limit without torturing yourself.  Studies also show that walking uphill helps tone muscles in the lower body while tripling the number of calories burned in the process. The increased metabolism can see you burn fats around your waist in record time.

If you cannot access a hill for one reason or another, you could then try staircase workouts instead, or even set the treadmill on an incline. Trying to climb up the stairs as fast as you can, or the incline treadmill setting will help increase resistance, which allows the body to burn more calories. Be sure to alter the technique or pace slightly every day to make it more fun and manageable.

4. Use Your Arms

Although you might not know this, swinging your arms as much as you can while you walk has its benefits.   It helps burn at least 10% more calories and even enables you to pick up the pace. Here are a few tricks on how to do this:

a. Bend your arms to form a 90-degree angle

b. Make sure the arms extend as far as they can behind the body

c. The hand should also rise to the same level as your chest on the upswing.

5. Focus On Maintaining The Correct Posture

Maintaining the correct posture while exercising helps reduce the risk of walking-related injuries and fatigue. That said, try to keep your spine elongated, the back straight, and the shoulders in their neutral position. Your gaze should also be fixed on the horizon. This helps keep the head and neck well aligned.

How your foot strikes the ground, and stride have a direct impact on your joint health.  According to Dr. Michael Gleiber, an orthopedic spine surgeon, the heel should always strike the ground first before the rest of the foot follows. The heel is meant to absorb any shock, thus keeping the joints protected. The foot should then roll forwards smoothly, and finally, the toes push you off to the next step. Focusing on this form will help prevent fatigue and increase performance. Invest in some orthopedic shoes (such as Telic Sandals for example) to help absorb the impact and keep your joints healthy.

6. Set A Goal On The Number Of Steps To Take In A Day

If trying to lose weight by walking, you then need to set a goal on how many steps you should take per day. The more steps you can take, the more calories you will burn in a day. Try making shorter strides to help pick up speed and intensity too.  Although the risk of sustaining an injury from walking long distances, and fast, may be high, increasing your step count doesn’t put you at any risk at all. You can thus aim at taking the most steps in a day, even if it means reducing the distance covered. Try to hit 10,000 steps per day to increase the chances of shedding the excess weight fast.

7. Lower Your Calorie Intake

Experts recommend taking a walk whenever feeling stressed or anxious. One of the reasons for this is that walking helps improve blood flow, which is essential in stress management. Walking also provides an easy way to strengthen your muscles and bones. Reducing your calorie intake may have a similar effect too. Simply avoid processed or sugary foods, and focus on fresh vegetables and lean proteins. These will help you cut down your daily calorie intake significantly.

8. Take on Strength Training

Break the cycle of walking every day by taking on strength training. Strength training is recommended for it helps tone muscles and increases the rate at which the body burns these calories. Make it a habit of taking on strength training at least three times per week for the best results.

Bonus Tip – Consider equipment for home use

Have you ever considered EMS muscle toners or getting some equipment to use at home? Whilst muscle toners won’t help you to lose weight, they’re great at helping to tone muscle in combination with diet and excerize. Read more below:



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