What shape is my bum? Bum shapes explained!

Bums come in all shapes and sizes, and according to science, there are 5 bum types in the world. According to renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman, the five bum types are round, square, a-shape, v-shape and the upside down heart. So, what bum type do you have? Keep reading to find out!

types of bum

What is my bum type?

First of all, let’s go over the types of bum that exist. And before we begin, it’s important to point out that none of these bum shapes are better or worse than the others – all bootys are beautiful! Or should we say, booty-ful!

Types of Bum Shape

So, how do we figure out what bum type we have? Take a look at Dr. Shulman’s descriptions below and find the bum type that corresponds the most to your body shape:

Round bum

If you have a round bum, you probably already know it: you have the classic “bubble butt” made famous by J-lo, Kim K and Bey. Round bums have their volume mostly concentrated in the centre of the bum, which can often leave owners of round bums feeling out of proportion: with a lot of roundness in the bum but not in the hips, you can dress this bum up with flattering fabrics and thick waistbands.

How to dress a round bum: If like many round-bum owners, you feel that your bum and hips are out of proportion, you can fix this easily with the right shapewear or legging. Simply opt for leggings with a thicker waistband to add volume and dimension to your hips, and opt for trousers or leggings that cinch the waist, creating a more streamlined, hourglass effect.

Square bum

You have a square bum if, according to Dr. Schulman, the line from your hip bone and outer thigh runs perpendicular to the ground. Put simply: if the line from your hip to your outer bum stays the same, you have a square bum.

How to dress a square bum: Some people who have square bums might complain that their bum has a flat appearance: this comes from the lack of curve from the hip to the bum, but don’t fret if this describes you! The best way to give a more defined shape to your bum is to opt for trousers with high waistbands, as well as patterns and textures – the high waistband cinches in your waist, giving the bum more shape, whilst the patterns and textures add volume to any perceived “flatness.”

V-shape bum

According to Dr. Schulman, if the line between your pelvis and hips points in an inward facing direction, your bum is a “V” shape. This means that the volume is mostly concentrated in your hips. This type of bum is apparently common among women with wider shoulders and slim, narrow hips.

How to dress a v-shaped bum: Dressing for this bum type is easy: just add more width to your hips to give your body more balance. In order to add width, why not try a pair of yoga pants with a thick waistband, or a pair of low-rise jeans or leggings to add dimension to your love handles.

A-shaped bum

If you’re “pear-shaped” or bottom-heavy, you have what’s known as an A-shaped bum. Just like those with round bum shapes, those with a-shaped bums often feel that their lower body is out of proportion for their overall figure. If this is you, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to give more proportion to your body whilst keeping your booty popping.

How to dress an A-shaped bum: If you want to draw attention away from your lower body, avoid prints and textures and instead opt for block colours and darker tones such as navy and black for your lower body. If you love your shape and want to make it pop even more, opt for something waist-cinching up top to really emphasise the volume of your lower body.

Upside-down heart bum

If you have an upside-down heart shaped bum, most of your bum volume is concentrated in the cheeks as opposed to the hips, and your waist is typically smaller. This type of bum is great for showing off your curves in a pair of tight jeans, however some people with this bum type can also complain that it feels “droopy” if not dressed correctly.

How to dress an upside-down heart bum: In order to avoid the feeling of bum droopiness, opt for clothes and underwear that sit around the waist: this not only gives a great cinching, tiny waist effect, but it also lifts your bum and keeps it pert and perky. A pair of great yoga pants or high waisted skinny jeans will do just the trick! Ruched materials, such as scrunch-bum leggings, also give a great DIY BBL bum lift for this booty type.

Can I change my bum shape?

Whilst bum shapes are typically genetic, there are certainly ways to change your bum shape if it’s a source of insecurity for you – or if simply, you prefer a certain look! Round bums tend to be the most sought-after bum types, and there are certainly ways to change your form with specific, targeted exercise moves. If you’re looking to change your bum type and make it rounder and perkier, you’re going to want to diversify your bum exercises in order to hit all three gluteal muscles. Lifting the same weights over and over in the same positions is not enough when it comes to changing the bum’s shape: you’ll need to engage all three gluteal muscles if you want to lift, tone and add volume. You can read more about the anatomy of your glutes here.


No matter what your bum type is, don’t let it distract you from your fitness regime: any bum type is beautiful –  whether square, a-shape or v-shape, but it can be changed and developed by adding volume through muscle work and applying consistency to your regime. Your round bum awaits you in the gym – you just have to work for it!


I’m Chloe – a body confidence writer here at House of Peach! I help women to feel fabulous in the body they’re in and feel amazing in gym wear – regardless of their body shape and type. Unleash Your Peach.

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