What to Wear With Grey Leggings

Grey leggings are the perfect option if you’re tired of black leggings and the see-through material that often comes along with them. At House of Peach, our grey leggings collection is designed with all our customers in mind: so whether you’re on a weight loss journey or simply looking to create a rounder, fuller bum, we’ve got a pair of grey leggings to suit your needs.

what to wear with grey leggings

Why We Love Grey Leggings:

  • Grey leggings, like all lighter coloured materials, create the impression of a fuller bum – perfect if you’re on a booty-building mission for perfectly peachy glutes!
  • You can wear grey leggings almost anywhere – to the beach, to the gym, or to brunch with the girls!
  • Textured grey leggings – like our grey honeycomb leggings from the House of Peach collection – are 100% squatproof and cellulite-proof. Get your squat on at the gym without the fear of showing off more than you bargained for!
  • Grey leggings are ultra comfortable – our super soft materials feel amazing on the skin, even when you’re going hard at the gym!

So, What to Wear With Grey Leggings?

Grey leggings benefit from being highly adaptable – you can wear grey leggings almost anywhere and not feel completely underdressed (okay, perhaps not a wedding, but you get the idea.) I’ve laid out below all my top tips for dressing grey leggings and creating the perfect outfit, so get reading!

What to Wear With Grey Leggings: Casual

If you love casual outfits and going low-key, grey leggings are the perfect fit! You can dress them up with a fancy top or keep it simple with some fun t-shirts, vests, or jumpers. One of our favourite grey leggings for casual looks are our two-tone scrunch leggings – while they’re not exactly low-key (your bum might attract some attention!) they fit amazing on all body types and are super-soft to the touch. With dual fabric technology and high waisted style, you’ll get a fuller bum and a trimmer midriff.

What to Wear With Grey Leggings: Night Out

You don’t need to reserve your leggings for gym sessions or casual fits – did you know that some grey leggings are perfectly adaptable to be worn on a night out? If you’re looking for a pair of grey leggings that can be worn to the pub, club, or a house party, our grey tie-dye leggings are a perfect match! Pair them with a cute crop top and some trainers for a casual – but chic – party fit.

If you’re looking for something more muted, why not opt for our Tik-Tok famous grey scrunch bum leggings? The block colour means that these leggings truly can be paired with almost anything in any colour: a corset top, a crop top, or an off-the-shoulder top would go great on summer evenings with this fab pair. You can pair this look with some heels or a pair of trainers – whatever your personal style is, you can make it work.

What to Wear With Grey Leggings: To The Gym

If you’re headed to the gym, you’re going to want to ensure that you’re feeling comfortable above anything else – it’s almost impossible to give 110% to your workout when you’re spending half the time adjusting a badly-fitting top or pulling up a pair of loosely-fitting leggings! Pairing your grey leggings with a simple black t-shirt (a little oversized, but not too much) is a great way to keep cool when you’re giving it your all during your hip thrusts or squats. You can leave the t-shirt loose while doing cardio, and tuck it into your leggings if you’re doing more technical moves – you’ll be confident in the knowledge that you’re not giving your fellow gym-goers an eyeful, and able to concentrate on that form!

What Not to Wear With Grey Leggings: Dos and Don’ts

So, at House of Peach, we’re not ones to go about telling you what you can and cannot wear – where’s the fun in that? However, we know that our customers and our readers over at our Peach Tips blog want to know about one thing – the booty! If you want to know how to make your bum pop while wearing a pair of grey leggings, follow our tips below:


  • Wear a pair of grey leggings and a light coloured top – you want to wear darker, slimming colours on your top half and lighter colours on your bottom half – this will give the impression that you have a larger, more voluminous lower body and bum!
  • Wear low-rise leggings. At House of Peach, we’re obsessed with the high-waisted look, and always recommend high-waisted leggings when it comes to working out. Not only do high-waisted leggings hold in your stomach and push out your bum, but they also stay in place during tough workouts and don’t slide down halfway through a squat.


  • Opt for textured leggings over single layer fabrics. Textured leggings (such as the textured leggings in our collection) will give your lower body more dimension, while also ensuring that any visible cellulite is concealed.
  • Wear grey leggings with any colour – the great thing about grey is that it goes with everything (well, we say so anyway!) Whether you want to pair your grey leggings with a pink top, a red jumper, or a blue crop top, we say go for it!
  • Test out some matching grey crop tops. What goes better with grey than grey, right? At House of Peach, we offer a range of crop tops that are perfectly paired with any of our grey leggings: why not try a pair of grey leggings and pair it with a grey marl crop top? Not only does this ensemble look chic and effortless, it’s also great for keeping cool while working out – especially during the summer months. You don’t have to stick to grey – we have crop tops in pinks, reds, greens, and blues, so take your pick!
  • Embrace confidence! No matter your body type and no matter your body goals, the best thing you can wear with your grey leggings is confidence! Embrace yourself, love yourself, and the results will come!


I’m Chloe – a body confidence writer here at House of Peach! I help women to feel fabulous in the body they’re in and feel amazing in gym wear – regardless of their body shape and type. Unleash Your Peach.

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