How often should you train your glutes?

Training glutes too little or too much? It can be hard to get the right balance. House of Peach have detailed how often you should train glutes. Spoiler: you need adequate rest to grow muscle...

A professional personal trainer, Adam Rosante, has recommended having a heavy compound lift as your focus exercise when training glutes, such as a hip thrust or deadlift two-three times a week and then having two or three other glute focused exercises so you can achieve maximum muscle engagement.

Why Train Your Glutes?

Other than making it look perfectly peachy, there are other reasons why you should be training your glutes. Your hips can get tight if there isn’t much movement going on and it helps to keep your pelvis stable; both can make you end up with serious injuries if not exercised but you will also be preventing pain in areas such as your lower back and knees.

However you want your bum to look, you must strategically think through your glute workouts, the same way you would with any other part of your body, you can’t just squat continuously and think it’s going to sculpt your bottom, it won’t, you have to incorporate many other exercises into your routine.

Training Frequency Explained

Like we said before, you have to be strategic with how often you train your glutes every week, you wouldn’t train your arms 5 times a week so why would you do the same for your glutes?

So two or three times a week is perfectly fine and this is because your body needs time to rest, for a muscle to maintain and grow mass it is extremely key you rest those muscles, remember; recovery time is just as important as the weight training.

World-class personal trainer, Rosante, advises that two to three days of rest time in-between your heavier lifting days or sessions is ideal, it will allow your muscles to recover and adapt to the strain that they were put through in previous sessions.

You must listen to your body, if you find that you’re not consistent from one workout to another and you cannot perform as well or if you don’t feel as strong on your second heavier session, then you should simply rest more, if you are only having one day off in-between then alter that for the next week and add an extra day off.

It may be tempting to do more exercises and reps in one session but if your body is not used to weightlifting then your body will more or less shout at you for it because you will feel the pain. Once you have become more advanced with the movements you’re doing in the gym and find yourself being less sore as your weeks go by then you can try out more advanced glute workouts with more reps and exercises.

Which Exercises should I do?

One major mistake people make whilst trying to build a booty is not actually doing any glute focused exercises. Most of the time people will assume a leg day is sufficient enough to target your glute muscles, but they are only working the muscles they are supposed to work such as your quads or hamstrings.

You will need to choose exercises that will make your glutes want to give up on you, when you do a booty focused exercise you will feel it (read more about glute exercises here) You need to be engaging all three of the glute muscles, your minimus, medius, and maximus. Although you need to be achieving as much engagement as possible you must be careful to prevent overtraining and injuries so don’t train your glutes, in the same way, every day, try to change up how much you’re lifting and the types of exercises you’re doing so for example; if you are deadlifting 20kg one day alongside hip thrusts, try to go lighter on your next session, create a variety between your workouts or you could do something completely different.

The human body works in weird and wonderful ways, so when we are putting strain on our muscles they are going through a process called microtears which sounds really horrid, I mean our muscles literally get tiny tears in them, but they then repair themselves and adapt to handle the next load they are put through as if by magic, it then contributes to a bigger booty.

As we have lightly covered before, the correct exercises are so important when it comes to trying to achieve what you want to grow your glutes, you need to be doing sumo squats, hip thrusts; these can be banded and you can also add weight to them, glute bridges and so on. There are so many effective exercises you can do to target your glutes. and glutes only.

So how often should you train your glutes? Listen to your body, don’t overwork it ladies, two-three times a week is all you need for a peachier bottom. Your body needs time to heal and recover in order to grow and glow. Oh and don’t forget to check out our House Of Peach ® bum lifting leggings here!


I’m Chloe – a body confidence writer here at House of Peach! I help women to feel fabulous in the body they’re in and feel amazing in gym wear – regardless of their body shape and type. Unleash Your Peach.

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