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Sore glutes after sleeping – what could it be?

sore glutes whilst sleeping

Many people think that working from an office is one of the easiest and most harmless occupations however that`s not entirely true. Gluteal amnesia, as it is called by doctors, affects people who sit on a chair for an extended time. In this situation, their gluteal muscles simply ”forget” that they have to work. This leads to muscle atrophy and can spread to other parts of the body. Further to causing damage to the butt, sitting for long amounts of time can also cause other problems which include negative posture, back pain, hips and knees.

Researches show that knee pain can be triggered by gluteal amnesia since the gluteal muscles are not working as they should. The human body functions as a unitary system and very often people who complain of knee or back pain do not understand the fact that the pain is actually due to the weakening of the gluteal muscles. When the muscles stop working, pain occurs in the lumbar section, knees and hips. If one part of the body doesn`t function as it should, the whole body suffers because the gluteal muscles are the ones which will absorb the shock during the movement. When they are function poorly, the body weight is not distributed correctly and severe injuries can occur.Β Β 

According to personal trainers, sitting all day will make your bottom flat, flabby, and saggy; butt muscles losing their elasticity and ability to contract optimally.

A correct position during office hours helps us prevent back pain.

Most people sit the wrong way and this is leading to a lack of blood flow and harming the muscle. Blood does not flow properly in the gluteal muscles when we sit for a long time, especially when we are in the wrong position.

How to fight with sleeping butt syndrome.

To find out if you suffer from gluteal amnesia, you can do a simple test. Stand up and lift one leg. If the thigh of that leg is left, then your gluteal muscles are weakened.

The most effective methods of preventing sleeping butt syndrome and also back pain are simply to take breaks every 50 minutes. Get up from your desk, stretch your legs and wait a little longer before sitting down again. Avoiding sitting cross-legged, try to sit with your back as straight as possible. Go down and up the stairs from at least two floors. Do exercises that work the gluteal muscles – knee flexion, lateral leg movements, stretching. Sitting at the desk, get up and drop your legs one by one. You must work all three parts of the muscle, the gluteus minimus, gluteus medius and gluteus maximus. Try driving from your heels, this helps fully activate your gluteus maximus the biggest and strongest part of the butt.

But if you make a few adjustments in your routine (the one you should adopt when you do a strength training), you’ll be able to reach some goals and get a better, more toned butt.

To stretch the bottom muscles, make the bridge. Get a training ball and try to sit on it at home, not on the chair. During a hip lift (when you lift and stretch your leg), consciously tense your buttocks, as this trick increases the activity of the gluteal muscles by up to 12%. If you tilt your trunk forward at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees during a push-up, you will feel a stronger “burn” in your gluteal muscles, meaning they will work harder. This angle puts more pressure on your back, say fitness coaches. Oh and don’t forget to wear appropriate clothing – why not check out our anti cellulite leggings, camo gym leggings or gym bodysuits.

If you work your gluteal muscles several times per week, you should see a change in how your muscles feel in a short time.

In addition to causing gluteal amnesia and back pain, extended sitting in the chair increases the role of cardiovascular disease (hypertension, thrombophlebitis, haemorrhoids), obesity, diabetes and even depression. Anyone who sits for more than 6-8 hours a day will suffer from back pain sooner or later.

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