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What is the best shapewear for your stomach?

What is the best shapewear for stomachs? In this blog post, we’re going to be focusing on everything tummy-related when it comes to shapewear. From full-on corsets and waist trainers to tummy holding pants, we’ve got everything covered.

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We all have those areas of the body that we’re not crazy about – whether it’s love handles or a muffin top. At House of Peach, we believe that all bodies are beautiful, and our aim is to make you feel as fabulous in your own skin as possible.

When it comes to confidence, we love a good piece of shapewear. What’s not to love? They help create a more streamlined silhouette, they pull us in at any weak points, and they help us conceal everything from underwear lines to cellulite. Again – what’s not to love?

What is shapewear?

Shapewear is a form of undergarment that is used to compress the body and flatten out any bumpy bits, rolls, or visible cellulite. Shapewear is typically worn under form-fitting dresses, but can also be worn under everything from trousers and jeans to skirts and shorts.

In short, the purpose of shapewear is to create a more fluid silhouette, and conceal any ‘imperfections’ that might be more visible while wearing tight clothing.

What is the best shapewear for stomach?

One of the most popular types of shapewear is shapewear for the stomach. This explains itself easily: we tend to gain weight easily in the stomach, and even after weight loss, a type of fat known as ‘visceral’ fat can remain in the stomach, creating something of a ‘pouch’ that often feels impossible to get rid of. Many women also like using tummy shapewear in the post-partum period.

Here are all the different types of tummy-focused shapewear, ranked and rated by the experts at House of Peach:

Tummy control garment

A tummy control garment is a bit like a toned-down version of a waist trainer; it goes around your middle, and doesn’t have any underwear attached. Tummy control garments are typically made of spandex material, and offer moderate compression around the hips, waist and stomach. Most are pull-on, so you won’t need to fasten them like you would a waist trainer.

Compression level: ⅗. Tummy garments offer moderate compression, but don’t cinch you in at the waist as much as a waist trainer.
Comfort level: ⅗. So long as you wear the right size, a tummy control garment shouldn’t be too uncomfortable.

Price range: Tummy garments can be found in almost every price range.

Waist trainers

Waist trainers are pretty much the ultimate form of shapewear; similar to tummy control garments, waist trainers sit around the waist and pull you in from each side. Unlike a tummy control garment, a waist trainer also cinches you in with high compression – usually, the waist trainer will come with adjustable straps, so you can decide what

Compression level: 5/5
Comfort level: ⅕. You won’t want to wear a waist trainer for long periods of time.

Price range: Most waist trainers will cost at least £30, with expensive brands charging up to £200.


While you might associate corsets with age-old traditions and regency balls, corsets still remain a popular and effective form of shapewear. What’s great about corsets is that you can adjust them according to your desired “cinch”, and can wear them for longer periods without discomfort. Unlike a waist trainer, corsets come in all different styles and designs, and can even be worn alone as a top.

Compression level: ⅘. Corsets offer customisable compression.
Comfort level: ⅖. While they’re not as uncomfortable as a waist trainer, corsets aren’t exactly easy to wear, and can cause moderate discomfort with prolonged use.

Price range: Corsets can be found in almost every price range, with prices for every budget.


While ‘body’ is an umbrella term, a shapewear body refers to a piece of tummy-control underwear that slightly resembles a swimsuit, and will typically come with straps (or be strapless.) These are great to wear under both dresses and trouser ensembles, as they create a streamline effect by removing the necessity to wear underwear underneath the garment.

Compression level: ⅗. While offering moderate support, a body isn’t going to shave inches off your waistline like a waist trailer might do.
Comfort level: 5/5. If your body is well made, it won’t feel like a compression garment, and will instead feel like part of your clothes.

Price range: Most compression bodies can be found between £30 and £100.

Tummy control tights

If you want to add some tummy control but don’t want to wear corsets or invest in a waist trainer, you can simply adapt your usual wardrobe. Tummy control tights offer light compression and make it easier to wear your favourite skirt or dress when you’re feeling bloated. While they can’t rival the power of a real compression garment, they can give you that all-important confidence boost whenever you need it.

Compression level: 1/5
Comfort level: 5/5

Price range: Tummy control tights can be found for as little as £5, making them the most budget-friendly of all stomach-focused shapewear.

Tummy control pants

Similar to tummy control tights, tummy control pants can be worn under tight clothing to help give you a confidence boost if you’re not feeling yourself. Low maintenance and incredibly comfortable, tummy control pants are best suited to be worn under jeans and other trousers, as they’ll help flatten the stomach while the trousers can also help conceal any cellulite, lumps, or bumps.

Compression level: 1/5
Comfort level: 5/5

Price range: Like tummy control tights, tummy control pants can be found on every budget.

The bottom line

The truth is, there’s no ‘best’ shapewear for your stomach – because all bodies and stomachs aren’t the same. The best way to find shapewear that works for you is to figure out what your goals are. If you’re looking for intense compression, a waist trainer or corset will do the trick. If you’re looking for something low-key, tummy compression tights and pants offer a streamlined silhouette on a budget.


I’m Chloe – a body confidence writer here at House of Peach! I help women to feel fabulous in the body they’re in and feel amazing in gym wear – regardless of their body shape and type. Unleash Your Peach.

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