What is the best shapewear to wear under a dress?

what’s the best shapewear to wear under a dress? In this article, we’re going to take a look at different forms of shapewear, different types of dresses, and show you what types of shapewear look best under each. Let’s get started!

what shapewear to wear under a dress

Shapewear is a great way to smooth out any lumps, bumps or cellulite on your body, helping you to feel confident and amazing in any outfit. While it’s designed for use with any type of clothing, shapewear works great when worn under dresses, especially if they’re form-fitting or use a thin, see-through material that ends up exposing any cellulite or wobbly bits.

What is shapewear?

Shapewear is a form of undergarment worn under clothes to smooth out the body and give your figure a more sculpted, refined silhouette. You can buy shapewear in the form of bodysuits, tummy-flattening pants, corsets, thigh and bum shapers, bum lifters, corsets, slips, and more.

Benefits of shapewear

If you ever need an overnight quick fix for a wobbly belly or bra rolls, shapewear is your best friend. Designed to compress and cinch, shapewear gives you a more smoothed-out physique, and hides any visible imperfections that might show under your clothing.

In short, shapewear helps you to look and feel your best self, without you having to step in a gym or cut back on your favourite foods. While shapewear won’t help you lose actual fat, it will give you the impression that you’ve lost a few lbs.

Best Shapewear to Wear Under a Dress

So, what’s the best type of shapewear to wear under a dress? It’s difficult to answer this question in one sentence; mostly because there are so many different types of dresses, and not all types of shapewear will be compatible with each.

To simplify matters, we’ve created a list of popular dress styles, with the best shapewear to pair with each (and which to avoid!) Let’s take a look.

What to wear under a Strapless dress

If you’re wearing a strapless dress, it’s important to avoid any bodysuits. Most will come with straps, and even nude tones will be visible if you’re wearing a strapless dress. Instead, we’d recommend wearing either a tummy flattener, a waist trainer, or a thigh and leg shaper. It all depends on your weak areas and what length your dress is. If you’re wearing a short strapless dress, keep any shapewear limited to the tummy area. If your strapless dress is longer and form-fitting, a full body shapewear (including thigh shaping) can give you a flawless physique and an amazing boost of confidence to boot.

What to wear under Bodycon dresses

For bodycon dresses of any length, you have a couple of options when it comes to shapewear. If your bodycon dress is mini length, you’ll want to avoid any full body suits that also reach the thighs. Even if your dress appears longer than the bodysuit, you might end up showing off some of the nude-tones nonetheless.

What to wear under Corset dresses

While you might think that a waist trainer or a corset might be the best type of shapewear to pair with a corset dress, we disagree. Corsets already add lots of compression, so we’d recommend not doubling it up – you’ll probably struggle to keep your ensemble on for longer than an hour. Instead, you have two options, depending on the length of your skirt. If you’re wearing a mid-length or long corset dress, we’d recommend a simple bum and thigh shaper. This will keep your full body feeling controlled and sculpted. If it’s a shorter corset dress, we recommend a simple tummy-flattening knicker. These won’t add too much compression, and won’t be visible when you walk or sit down.

What to wear under Long-sleeve dresses

Perfect for autumn, winter, and a casual office look, long sleeve dresses work for all body shapes. If you want to give your silhouette a boost, we’d recommend a full-length strappy body suit that works its way down to the bottom of the thighs. Not only will this smooth out your bum, thighs, and stomach, but any rolls poking out from your bra line will also be smoothed down. The results? A sculpted, smooth physique – even if you treated yourself to a takeaway pizza last night.

What to wear under Faux leather dresses

Faux leather is making a comeback, and we’re here for it. But what kind of shapewear works best for this tricky material? We’d recommend only wearing a pair of low compression tummy control pants with a leather dress. This is because faux leather is already quite a restrictive material, so you don’t want to add to any discomfort with a waist trainer or bulky corset. Plus, faux leather is quite bulky itself:

What to wear under a Mini dress

When you’re wearing a mini dress, it’s important to be aware that when walking, sitting, or dancing, you might inadvertently show off any shapewear that reaches your thighs. For this reason, we’d recommend only using full body (swimsuit style) bodysuits, tummy control leggings, and bum shapers, depending on your areas of weakness.

What to wear under a Wedding dress

It’s one of the most important days of your life – so make sure to get the shapewear right! Obviously, as all wedding dresses are different, there is no one definitive answer to the question: “what shapewear should I wear for my wedding?” Instead, anaylse any of your weak points, and think about what parts of your body your wedding dress might highlight. If you’re wearing a chiffon dress, you might want to go with a lighter shapewear, as the combination of chiffon and shapewear might make you feel hot.

If you’re wearing a silk, satin, or incredibly form-fitting wedding dress, you might want to opt for something full-length, such as a strappy tummy and thigh shaper. Don’t forget that you’re going to be photographed a lot – you don’t want your shapewear lines to be visible through any delicate silk material. Our best advice would be to try on various types of shapewear before your wedding, ideally taking pictures to check for any visible seams.


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