Which jeans enhance the look of your glutes? 👖

If you’re looking for a quick way to make your bum look bigger, fuller, and rounder, there’s no better way than a pair of well fitting jeans. Not only do jeans enhance your bum, flatten your tummy and cinch in your waist, they also make a fabulous wardrobe staple, perfect for both day and evening looks.

jeans that make booty bigger

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the best types of jeans for making your butt look bigger, how to make your bum look great when wearing jeans, and what ones to avoid! Let’s take a look.

High waisted jeans

The principle of high waisted jeans is simple: they flatten the tummy, they pull in the waist, and they’re pretty tight on your derriere. The visual result? In an instant, you’re going to give your bum the appearance of being fuller, rounder and plumper, all while bringing in your waistline at the same time. High waisted jeans don’t even need padding, trickery, or fancy contours to make your bum look bigger; by simply cinching in your waist and flattening your tummy, your bum appears bigger in comparison.

White jeans

We all know that darker colours are more slimming, so what does that mean about lighter colours? That’s right, lighter coloured clothes have a tendency to exaggerate larger parts of the body and draw attention to them. For this reason, white jeans are a fantastic option if you want to show off your butt and make it appear larger than it is. For a failsafe combination, opt for a pair of high waisted white jeans.

This rule also applies to any light colours: if white isn’t your thing (or if you spill too much coffee on a daily basis to make the risky investment) a pair of pastel-coloured jeans will also get the job done. Pastel lilacs, pinks, peaches, blues, lemon yellows, and sage greens all make your bum look great.

Contour jeans

Contour jeans are relatively new on the UK high street, but they’ve actually been around for a while – just check out any pop video from the 2000s! Contour jeans are as they sound; imagine facial contouring, but for your bum. These jeans come with bone-style contouring around the bum area, and give your booty some shape and a lift at the same time. While they typically don’t come with pockets, the contouring feature adds both volume, shape, and a contouring effect, which gives your bum a perky, pert, and fuller appearance.

Contour jeans are also called ‘butt lift’ jeans because they are designed to enhance and accentuate the shape of the wearer’s buttocks. These jeans are specially crafted with innovative design elements and stretchy, shaping materials to create a flattering and lifted appearance for the rear end. Consumers can buy them in physical apparel stores or online at Colombiana Boutique. 

Take your jean game to the next level

Want to take your jean game from wow to woah? Here are some tips to make your bum look even better once you’ve found your perfect pair:

Wear dark on top

As we mentioned above, dark colours tend to slim down the body. If you want to make your bum appear bigger, pair your jeans with a dark top. Tuck your top into your jeans to create a streamlined, hourglass figure.

Belt it up

Adding a belt to your jeans allows you to cinch in your waist even further (just make sure you’re still able to breathe easily!) Opt for a thinner belt, rather than a chunky belt – a chunky belt is going to draw attention to your waist and add volume to your stomach area, which is counterproductive, and the opposite of what you’re looking for.

Add shapewear

From Bridget Jones to Kim Kardashian, we all rely on shapewear now and then when we’re feeling bloated (or simply need to feel confident in a form-fitting dress.) Jeans are actually the perfect contenders for shapewear; you’ll streamline your figure, flatten your tummy, and lift your bum at the same time. Make sure to opt for a bum-lifting piece of shapewear, or one that flattens the tummy and cinches in your waist. You also have the option of adding bum pads if you feel insecure about the size of your bum – however, we don’t recommend these.

When choosing shapewear to pair with your jeans, practicality is key. Begin by selecting the correct size to avoid discomfort or ineffective shaping. Determine your specific objectives: if you seek to enhance your buttocks, opt for bum-lifting shapewear; for tummy flattening and waist cinching, select shapewear tailored to these goals.

Prioritize breathable, stretchy materials with seamless designs to prevent visible lines beneath your jeans. Consider the coverage level that suits your comfort and shaping needs, typically light to medium control for jeans while effectively hiding belly fat. Choose a style, such as high-waisted briefs or shorts, that complements your jeans and your outfit.


Choosing the fitting jeans can enhance your glutes. High-waisted jeans flatten your tummy, cinch your waist, and give your bum a fuller look. White and light-colored jeans draw attention to your butt, making it appear larger. Contour jeans, with their unique design, add shape and lift to your booty. Remember, you can also wear dark tops and add a belt to enhance the effect. Shapewear can help, too, but don’t feel pressured to use padding – embrace your natural beauty.


I’m Chloe – a body confidence writer here at House of Peach! I help women to feel fabulous in the body they’re in and feel amazing in gym wear – regardless of their body shape and type. Unleash Your Peach.

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