10 Best Ab Toner Belts and Stomach Toners Reviewed

Are you looking to get beautiful, sculpted abs that not only give you an attractive physique, but also help power you through your workouts? If so, an ab toner belt can help you build your abdominal muscles. Whilst they won't give you an instant 6 pack - ab toner belts are great for strengthening your ab muscles.

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What are Ab Toner belts

Ab toner belts feature electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) that allows for electrical currents to pass through the muscles, making them contract. When wearing an ab toner belt, small electrodes will interact with your skin, firing off electrical pulses that speak to your abdominal muscles, making them contract. When working this area of your body, your muscles contract naturally, but the ab toner belt helps this occur even if you are not exercising.

Do ab toners work?

Of course, however, as with anything that you are doing to achieve results when getting into shape, it requires more than just sticking on a gadget and letting it do the work. Even without exercise, research conducted in 2005 did show that participants who wore the belt for 20-40 minutes, 5 days a week noticed a 58% increase in abdominal strength and 100% in abdominal endurance compared to those that did not wear the belt or exercise. However, there were no reports of loss of body fat while using the belt. So overall, ab toner belts do work, but are optimised when used in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise. We have reviewed 10 ab toner belts available on Amazon. Note that House Of Peach ® may earn income should you purchase a product.

  1. Homefront Slim-Pro XV2000‏ Ab Toning Belt For Slender Toned Stomach
  2. Slendertone Unisex Connect Abs App Driven Toning Belt
  3. Homefront Slim Pro-XV1000 Advanced Unisex Abdominal Abs Toning Belt
  4. SHENGMI EMS Muscle Stimulator
  5. Slendertone Unisex Abs7 Rechargeable Toning Belt
  6. Feel Fit Unisex Waist Slimming Sauna Sweat Belt
  7. OSITO EMS Muscle Stimulator
  8. Heartline Ab Belt Professional Advanced Unisex Toning Belt
  9. Fitness4Life MT-24 Upgraded Belt
  10. Slendertone Abs 8 Muscle Stimulation belt

1. Homefront Slim-Pro XV2000‏ Ab Toning Belt For Slender Toned Stomach

This ab toning belt targets both your abdominal and oblique muscles, giving you that stunning, sculpted look. Offering 8 toning pads and 10 ab toning programmes, this belt is definitely one of the more advanced options available on the market.

stomach toners

Price: £49.95 with free delivery
Where to buy: View on Amazon

Key Features: 

  • Personalised intensity, ranging up to 120 intensity levels
  • Soft and comfortable to wear for ease of use
  • No strain to your neck or back
  • Uses 3 triple A batteries

Our Verdict

This belt is so easy to use! We love how personalised this toning band is with so many levels of intensity and the various toning programmes. For those that suffer with back pain while performing traditional abdominal exercises, this is a great alternative that allows your abs to work but without any unnecessary strain to your back.

Item Summary

  • Pro: a range of intensity levels and programmes allowing for personalisation
  • Pro: comfortable to wear and does not impact your back
  • Pro: comes with batteries
  • Pro: includes a one year manufacturer’s guarantee

2. Slendertone Unisex Connect Abs App Driven Toning Belt

This powerful unisex ab toning belt is one of the more pricier ones on the market and offers an advanced toning plan – all controlled with a handy app from your phone; works with either iPhone / iPad (iOS 8 or later) or Android (4.4 or later). Offering a range of features, this belt is sleek in design and is clinically proven to both firm and tone your abs in as little as four weeks, assuming it is worn 5 days a week for 20-30 minutes. The app allows for you to track your progress and set reminders so that you do not fail to meet those training targets you have set for yourself.

Price: £179.99£149.00 with free delivery
Where to buy: View on Amazon

Key Features: 

  • App-controlled
  • 100 intensity levels and 5 advanced toning programmes
  • Sleek and lightweight

Our Verdict

We love being able to control this belt with an app as well as the controller, which only takes about 3 hours to charge via USB. With it being so lightweight and comfortable to wear, it is great to use if you are running errands or just watching TV. A great feature of this belt is the level of personalised coaching and motivation that you get via the app – not something you typically get with other belts.

Item Summary

  • Pro: easy to use 
  • Pro: lightweight and ergonomic
  • Pro: range of intensity levels and programmes for people of all physiques 
  • Pro: unisex, for ages ranging 18-80
  • Con: one of the more expensive belts available

3. Homefront Slim Pro-XV1000 ab toner below 

Tone your abs without even thinking about it! This ab toning belt is a cheaper option and does not require replacement pads or gel as other models do; simply apply water to the pads and your stomach and wrap the belt around you, securing with the velcro strap. ab toner belts

Price: £29.95 with free delivery
Where to buy: View on Amazon

Key Features: 

  • No replacement pads or gel
  • Includes 5 programmes and 40 intensity levels
  • Supports neck and back while in use
  • Includes batteries
  • Unisex

Our Verdict

Compared to some of the more expensive models, this belt does offer a lot at a bargain price so would be ideal for those wanting to give ab toning belts a try, but without major investment. The belt is completely flexible and is comfortable to wear; it also does not cause any strain on your back and neck. The belt is aimed at those who have stomach circumference between 70-130cm, so it would fit a wide range of people.

Item Summary

  • Pro: a cheaper option
  • Pro: has a range of intensity levels and programmes
  • Pro: no replacement pads or gel
  • Con: best suited to those with stomach circumference of 70-130cm, so outside of these measurements would not be able to use this belt
  • Con: only has two toning pads

4. YSHENGMI EMS Muscle Stimulator, Abs Trainer Abdominal Belt with LCD Display & USB Rechargeable, Ab Belt Toning Gym Workout

This affordable, yet versatile ab toning belt not only targets your abs but can also be used on your arms and legs. It is very easy to use and is charged via USB. With its ergonomic design, it is very comfortable and fits your body perfectly. 

ab toner reviews

Price: £29.90 with free delivery
Where to buy: View on Amazon

Key Features: 

  • Can be used on your abs, legs and arms to assist with toning
  • Charged via USB
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Offers 6 modes and 10 intensity levels 
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Our Verdict

If you want the expensive look without spending a whole lot, this is the ab toner belt for you! It has a sleek look which is appealing and is comfortable to wear. The fact that you are able to also use this on your arms and legs is also a major feature, as other belts do not. The only downside is that this belt has far less levels than some of the other belts available on the market. There is also an excellent 100% money back guarantee for three months, so you have some time to test it and make a decision before committing.

Item Summary

  • Pro: multi-use, targets abs, legs and arms
  • Pro: charged via USB
  • Pro: sleek design similar to more expensive belts, but far cheaper 
  • Pro: 3 month, 100% money back guarantee
  • Con: limited intensity levels

5. Slendertone Unisex Abs7 Rechargeable Toning Belt

This intelligent unisex ab toning belt is perfect for those who are serious about getting defined and sculpted abdominal muscles. No need to worry about tracking your progress through each programme to see when you need to move up – the stomach toner does this for you! Intended to be worn during exercise, you are bound to see major results when using this toning belt.

Price: £100 with free delivery
Where to buy: View on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Intelligent system that progresses you through each programme automatically
  • Includes 10 programmes (7 passive and 3 active), 150 intensity levels 
  • Fits waist sizes 69-119cm
  • Rechargeable, no batteries required

Our Verdict

This stomach toning belt comes at quite a hefty price, but the intelligence of the system it uses, to progress you through the programmes, helps keep your training at the level it needs to be at to see major improvement. We like that there are both active and passive programmes, so while the belt is intended to be worn while exercising, you can still reap its benefits while lounging around. While the belt advertises itself as being made to fit waist sizes of 69-119cm, it can actually be extended by a further 17-22cm if necessary. The disadvantage to this belt is that you will need to keep investing if you want it to work at its full potential; the pads should be replaced after 20-30 uses.

Item Summary

  • Pro: Intelligent training system
  • Pro: includes passive and active programmes 
  • Pro: adjustable band to fit a range of waist sizes
  • Con: quite expensive and requires pad replacements as often as once a month if you use it as recommended

6. Feel Fit Unisex Waist Slimming Sauna Sweat Belt for Abs & Lower Back Support Weight Loss

If you are wanting to slim down even with little to no exercise, this sweat belt is your go-to slimming belt! By being extra long and wide, it can be worn both under or over clothing during exercise or while you are at work. It is only recommended that you wear the belt for 2-3 hours per day. Secured with velcro, this stretchy sweat belt can be worn for those with a waist of up to 44 inches. It is very easy to clean as it is simply wiped down with a damp cloth and left to air dry.

Feel Fit Unisex Waist Slimming Sauna Sweat Belt for Abs & Lower Back Support Weight Loss

Price: £8.99
Where to buy: View on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Wraps tightly and holds it shape to produce the heat needed to slim you down
  • Easy to clean
  • Stretches to fit up to a 44-inch waist
  • Can be worn over or under clothing

Our Verdict

To get the most out of this slimming belt, we recommend using it while working out. It really helps increase the amount that you sweat as you exercise. The velcro is strong so the belt holds well, even while performing exercise that requires significant movement. It also supports your back as you are exercising, so can help with your form, especially while performing squats and similar exercises. Definitely value for money!

Item Summary

  • Pro: inexpensive
  • Pro: stretchy and secured with velcro, so can fit a range of waist sizes
  • Pro: stays in place as you exercise
  • Con: for those who have very short torso may notice is is very long

7. OSITO EMS Muscle Stimulator USB Rechargeable 10 Modes Abs Trainer Abdominal Toning Belts Muscle Toner Fitness Training Gear Machine for Abdomen/Arm/Leg for Men & Women

Affordably priced, this unisex ab toning belt offers 10 modes and 20 levels of intensity. Unlike other toning belts, the gel pads used are thicker silica, meaning they need to be replaced less often. For optimal results that you can see within two months, it is recommended that you use the ab belt for just 15 minutes daily. You will not be disappointed with this ab belt, and the manufacturer is sure of this also, as they offer a 12 month warranty.

Price: £45.36
Where to buy: View on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Includes 10 extra gel pad
  • Includes 10 modes and 20 intensity levels
  • Gels pads are made of thicker silica, improving their longevity 
  • Charged via USB
  • 12 month warranty

Our Verdict

We think this belt is well worth the money! Reasonable pricing including the 10 free gel pads make this belt stand out to other belts. Many belts require pad replacement as little as once a month, making them quite pricey in the long-run, but this belt uses thicker silica, ensuring the pads last longer. There are not as many intensity levels, which is probably the only downside to this belt.

Item Summary

  • Pro: affordable and includes 10 gel pads
  • Pro: gel pads made of thicker silica for longer use
  • Pro: 12 month warranty
  • Con: offers only 20 intensity levels

8. Heartline Ab Belt Professional Advanced Unisex Toning Belt

In as little as 6-8 weeks you can begin to tone and firm your abs when using this ab belt. By offering up to 40 intensity levels, this unisex ab toning belt is ideal for beginners and advanced users alike. Forget spending extra money on replacement pads or gels as you do with other belts, and use only water when using this advanced belt. Whether you are working out regularly or just watching TV, you will get results, but to see them in less time, it is recommended that you use it while exercising.

Heartline Ab Belt Professional Advanced Unisex Toning Belt


Price: £24.99 with free delivery
Where to buy: View on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Carbon conducting pads that require only water – no need for replacement pads or gel
  • Light and compact, provided with a travel bag
  • 2 year guarantee

Our Verdict

This is one of our favourites! We love the fact that only water is required, so no further investment in the belt. It is really easy to use, as it has a control unit that allows for adjustments as you wear it. It is comfortable to wear and is easy to bring with you wherever you go as it comes with a handy travel bag.

Item Summary

  • Pro: affordable and is a one-time purchase (no add-ons/replacements required later)
  • Pro: includes a travel bag
  • Pro: 2 year guarantee
  • Con: not such a sleek look, nor as ergonomic as other belts

9. Fitness4Life MT-24 Upgraded Belt.

By targeting your abs, arms and calves, this unisex belt provides an upgrade to traditional ab toning belts. Just 20 minutes of use is the equivalent to hours spent in the gym. Not only is the belt a great piece of equipment for toning, but it also provides stress relief and helps diffuse pain throughout the body.


Price: £46 with free delivery
Where to buy: View on Amazon

Key Features: 

  • Tones, firms and tightens your abs, arms and calves
  • Includes 10 programmes and 40 intensity levels
  • Effective when used with exercise or just worn around the house
  • Controlled with a remote
  • 100% money back guarantee

Our Verdict

We find this system very effective in assisting with toning, firming and shaping your muscles – all controlled with a handheld controller. There is a perfectly positioned pocket on the belt for the controller, so it is easy to adjust intensity as you use it.

Item Summary

  • Pro: targets abs, arms and calves
  • Pro: includes 10 programmes and 40 intensity levels
  • Pro: controlled with a remote
  • Pro: 100% money back guarantee
  • Con: not as sleek as other models

10. Slendertone Abs 8 Muscle Stimulation belt

The latest in the range of Slendertone stomach toner belts, the Abs 8 is packed with a number of features that the previous models just don’t have. This intelligent belt is able to track your most recent sessions, has 10 toning programmes with 100 intensity levels and a brand new OLED display for a brighter picture quality than it’s predecessors. 

Price: £140 – £99 with free shipping
Where to buy: View on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Rechargeable and easy to use and assemble
  • New upgraded display
  • Memory functionality 

Our Verdict

Just look at the Amazon reviews: “I have been using Slendertone for nearly 20 years. It doesn’t replace abs crunches but it is the next best thing. Their new version is the best yet, lighter, easy to use and seems to have more impact than before. Use it for an hour a day three or four times a week and you will see results.”

Item Summary

  • Pro: Many people report that they noticed a great different
  • Pro: Updated, new design 
  • Con: More expensive than others but a better quality ab toner belt 
  • Con: Gel pads are very cold when first applied – 


With so many ab toning belts available on the market, it can be hard to determine which is best for you. If you are uncertain if these belts work and are reluctant to make a major investment, there are a range of affordable options. However, ab toning belts, when combined with proper nutrition and exercise, can truly help tone, firm and sculpt your abdominal muscles.

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