Can you make your bum bigger overnight?

The first person to invent a bum-boosting overnight cream is going to be a zillionaire - but unfortunately, science hasn’t got that far yet! Any cream promising to significantly increase the size of your bum overnight is telling you porkies, and even if there was a 0.0001% improvement in the appearance of your bum size, it would be temporary. No, unfortunately there remain only two ways of growing your booty: exercise and surgery (but we would not advise the latter!).

can you make your bum bigger overnight

Whilst you can’t make your bum bigger overnight, you can certainly enhance your bum so that it looks fuller, rounder and more peachy in your clothes! So, until science comes up with a magic J-lo bum cream, we’ll have to make do with these temporary, quick-fix solutions:

How to make your bum bigger overnight:

Wear tight jeans

Wearing a pair of shapely, tight jeans can give your bum a more bootylicious appearance. The back pockets help to add volume to your bum, whilst the tight, skinny-fit hugs your curves and pulls in your stomach. Opt for skinny jeans with a bit of stretch in the waistband, so that you can go down a size for the ultimate booty-popping effect.

Wear a pair of textured leggings

Textured leggings are great if you’re looking to give your bum the appearance of more shape, as the raised material adds volume whilst the tight material highlights the form of your derriere and gives it a lift at the same time. Check out the House of Peach scrunch bum leggings collection here.

Wear Shapewear

The logic insists that, if other parts of your body appear smaller and slimmer, your bum will look bigger – right? If you really need to make your bum bigger overnight for a party or an event, invest in some flattening shapewear for your stomach and waist. Your midriff will appear smaller and the material in the shapewear will push your bum out, giving it a more voluptuous, shapely appearance.

Wear the right underwear

Granny pants flatten the bum, and any other pants that fully cover the bum will also give your cheeks a flattening effect. If you want to give your bum the appearance of being bigger than it is, opt for underwear that enhances its shape: such as well-fitting thongs or brazilian knickers.

Wear bum pads or bum enhancing tights

For a budget-friendly solution, if you really need your booty to pop for a special outfit and you don’t have the time to do a 3-month squat challenge, a pair of bum pads will do the trick. Simply slip them on under your jeans or pants and enjoy a shapely – if very temporary! – J-Lo bum.

How to make your bum look bigger

Wear high waisted leggings

High waisted leggings are ideal for making your bum look bigger: the stretchy material clings to your curves whilst the waistband brings you in at the middle, cinching your waist and pushing out your booty.

Wear light colours

We all know that black is a slimming colour, so when you’re wanting to highlight your curves instead of concealing them, opt for bright, eye-catching colours. Yoga pants and leggings come in hundreds of different patterns and vibrant colours to choose from. If you’re opting for a pair of jeans, white coloured jeans are the most optimal for a bootylicious look.

How to make your bum bigger naturally

When it comes to making your bum bigger, it’s better to opt for long-term solutions instead of looking for the next must-have bum-lift cream that does nothing except make your backside smell of sudocrem. The best way to have a shapely, voluminous behind is to 1) perform glute-focused exercise moves to target and build your glute muscle and 2) wear flattering clothes that highlight your natural shape.

Top exercises for making your bum look bigger:

We’ve rounded up the best exercises for making your bum look bigger so you don’t have to! Incorporate these exercises into your fitness regime and watch your peach bloom!

Hip Thrust

As they target all three gluteal muscles, hip thrusts are one of the best exercises for building and shaping your booty. Perform this move optimally with weighted resistance and an exercise bench – and remember, this move is not for beginners! Read more about the benefits of hip thrusts here.


Adding in a round of classic squats is always a good idea when you’re performing your lower body routine, and incorporating a variety of squats is even better, as variety will help you achieve rounder glutes. For a round bum, perform lots of different types of squats: skater squats, bulgarian squats and jumping squats will hit your glute muscles from every angle. View our glute squats here. 

Glute Bridge

Glute bridges are a bit like beginner versions of hip thrusts: the move isolates the glute muscle, adding mass to your bum without adding unnecessary mass to your legs. Like the hip thrust, the glute bridge also targets all three gluteal muscles.

Glute hyperextension

If you’re a gym bunny, you’ll probably already know how to do a traditional hyperextension, but did also you know that by tweaking this move very minimally, it becomes a major bum-building exercise? Read more about performing a glute hyperextension here.


Whilst they’re considered booty-friendly, lunges also work your quads and your calves, so it’s a great all-rounder move to add into your workout. To use this move to build booty muscle, add dumbbells to each hand. Make sure to master the move on its own before adding weights.

So, can you grow your bum overnight?

It would be great to slap on a bit of moisturiser and watch our bums double in size, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, science isn’t quite there yet, and you should steer clear of any creams, lotions or masks purporting to give you a J-Lo bum for the same price as a Big Mac. The best way to grow your bum is to simply build it yourself with effective, targeted exercise: add the exercises above into your workout routine – and bag yourself a pair of our bum-enhancing leggings if you feel like treating yourself!


I’m Chloe – a body confidence writer here at House of Peach! I help women to feel fabulous in the body they’re in and feel amazing in gym wear – regardless of their body shape and type. Unleash Your Peach.

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