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Do butt lifters work?

do butt lifters work

If you’ve scrolled through the explore pages of Instagram I guarantee at one point you would have appreciated and admired someone’s peachy behind, am I right?

That butt envy has had you figuring out a booty-busting workout routine that will give Kim K a run for her money. It’s going to take hard work, dedication, blood, sweat and tears to get the peachy perfection you’ve been drooling over on Instagram. Well, that is the best long-term option – there is no replacement for hard work. However, you can achieve a very similar peachy posterior in the short term whilst you work away at the gym. Butt lifters are a huge trend right now and they’re so discreet, you wouldn’t even know that some of your favourite celebs are already wearing them and in on the biggest secret in booty boosting, but do they really work? Well, here at House Of Peach ® we know for a FACT that butt lifters DO work, thanks to our many happy customers!

Here is a roundup of just how good they are and how they work so that anyone can get the booty they deserve!
So, you’re looking to give your butt a boost whether you’re working at it in the gym or not, getting those results in the short term will help you to stay motivated for those long-term booty goals!

With a butt lifter, all your dreams of a bum boost are answered.

Butt lifters tackle all the key and common problem areas by trimming, toning and enhancing your features. Depending on your desires, you can even get your hands on a butt lifter, tummy trimmer and thigh sculpting all rolled into one item of shapewear, which isn’t bad at all, in our opinion.

Our cut out design is one of the most effective ways to get a boosted butt and ensures your natural body definition is retained whilst giving you that boost. They are strategically designed to gather your butt muscles and prop them up using a strong, stretchy material that allows room for growth if you’re already working on a bigger bum in the gym.


Obviously, I could rave about them all day, but at House Of Peach, we know that seeing is believing, so here are some butt lifter results that will have you completely sold.

do butt lifters work

The best thing about butt lifters is that they are the most discreet type of shapewear in the sense that they are minimal material and enhance your natural assets. They are so discreet that they can be worn under anything and you could double up on your enhancement by teaming your butt lifter with high waisted jeans, trousers or skirts.
Well there you have it, butt lifters really do work, and at House Of Peach ® not only are we here to perfect your peach, we want you to feel as good as you look too. A butt lifter comes with more than exterior results, because looking good is about feeling good first, and our butt lifters have boosted more than butts, they boost self-confidence and self-esteem too! You can shop our range of butt lifters right here.


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